PDF to Word Converter SDK and Command Line

VeryUtils PDF to Word Converter SDK contains a PDF to Word Converter Command Line software, it works in both SDK and Command Line two modes.

With VeryUtils PDF to Word Converter SDK product, you can reconstruct Word documents from PDF files easily. It's a best PDF to Word Converter helps to stop retyping. It keeps the fonts and layouts intact, including bullets and tables.

PDF to Word Converter SDK is a great product for developers, after you buy it, you can integrate it into your application, then you can batch convert PDF files to editable Word documents on the fly, all text contents, images, tables, fonts and layouts can be kept perfectly in the generated Word documents.

PDF to Word Converter SDK can be purchased from this web page,


after you buy it, you will get a “VeryPDF-PDF2WordCmd.zip” package, please unzip it to a folder, you will see a “pdf2word.exe” application, this is the command line version of PDF to Word Converter software.

Please run a cmd.exe window first, change the current folder to the unzip folder, such as “X:\VeryPDF-PDF2WordCmd” folder, run “pdf2word.exe” in the command line prompt, you will see the help message,


You can simple run following command line to convert your PDF file to Word document,

pdf2word.exe example-fw9.pdf example-fw9.docx


This is original PDF document which contains some fillable forms,


This is the converted Word document, as you see, all fillable forms are converted into Word document perfectly, you can fill the forms in Word document directly, it saves lots of your time to reformat the document layouts,


PDF to Word Converter SDK is a great product to convert Adobe PDF documents to Word documents, you may also send to us (support@veryutils.com) some of your PDF documents for evaluation, we will send the converted Word documents back to you asap.

PDF to Word Converter SDK is a royalty free product, if you have any question for this product, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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