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If you have a printer software what would emulate a windows printer and allow to run a script or print to multiple printers on a windows server?

Hello, I was wondering if you have a printer software what would emulate a windows printer and allow to run a script or print to multiple printers on a windows server.


Thanks for your message, yes, we have a "PDF Virtual Printer SDK" software, you may download the trial version from following web page,


after you download and install it to your system, you will see a "VeryPDF PDFPrinter" printer installed in your Printer&Fax folder, this is a virtual printer, you can print a document to it, this virtual printer will do more actions continue.

For example, if you want the "VeryPDF PDFPrinter" to forward the printed document to multiple printers, you can set following options into configuration file (config.ini), when you print a document to "VeryPDF PDFPrinter", the following options will forward the printed document to "Adobe PDF", "Microsoft XPS Document Writer", "Microsoft Print to PDF", "VeryPDF Postscript Writer" four printers automatically,

RunEXE=<%APPFOLDER%\bin\RunAsUser.exe> <%APPFOLDER%\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe> -printer <Adobe PDF> <%FULL_FILENAME%>

RunEXE1=<%APPFOLDER%\bin\RunAsUser.exe> <%APPFOLDER%\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe> -printer <Microsoft XPS Document Writer> <%FULL_FILENAME%>

RunEXE1=<%APPFOLDER%\bin\RunAsUser.exe> <%APPFOLDER%\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe> -printer <Microsoft Print to PDF> <%FULL_FILENAME%>

RunEXE1=<%APPFOLDER%\bin\RunAsUser.exe> <%APPFOLDER%\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe> -printer <VeryPDF Postscript Writer> <%FULL_FILENAME%>

If you want to run a script after printing, you can set following options to configuration file (config.ini), the following options will execute PDF to Text Conversion, PDF to Image Conversion, PDF Security, PDF Stamping functions,

RunEXE=<%APPFOLDER%\pdftotext\pdftotext.exe> -layout <%FULL_FILENAME%> <%FULL_BASENAME%.txt>

RunEXE3=<%APPFOLDER%\pdf2image_win\pdf2img.exe> -r 300 <%FULL_FILENAME%> <%FULL_BASENAME%.jpg>

RunEXE4=<%APPFOLDER%\pdf-security-signature-cmd-sdk-com\bin\pdfsecure.exe> -openpwd 123 -ownerpwd 456 -stringcrypt AES256 -streamcrypt AES256 -perm 0 -linearize <%FULL_FILENAME%> <%FULL_BASENAME%-security.pdf>

RunEXE5=<%APPFOLDER%\pdfstamp_cmd\example\pdfstamp.exe> -PDF <%FULL_FILENAME%> -o <%FULL_BASENAME%-stamper.pdf> -AT  "VeryPDF Demo" -FT "Arial Black" -P9 -R45 -FS100 -opacity50 -C#FF0000 -AL -LW30 -opacity30 -LINEEX 100,100,500,600

You may download the trial version of "PDF Virtual Printer SDK" software from our website to try, please feel free to let us know if you encounter any problem with it.


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[Solution] VeryUtils Appointment Booking System: A Powerful, Flexible, and Affordable Online Booking Solution

In the fast-paced world of service businesses, efficiency and convenience are key. Whether you're in the janitorial, handyman, pest control, plumbing, or lawn care industry, managing appointments and bookings can be a daunting task. But fear not, because VeryUtils Appointment Booking System is here to simplify your booking process and enhance your business operations. This powerful and flexible tool is designed to cater to a wide range of service providers, offering a seamless booking experience for both business owners and clients.


Versatile Booking System for All Service Industries

VeryUtils Appointment Booking System is a comprehensive solution suitable for various service businesses, including janitorial services, handyman services, window cleaning, domestic and on-demand maid services, pest control, plumbing, grave care, pool maintenance, lawn care, and all types of maintenance and repair service providers. Whether you run a large company or a small local service business, this system is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Key Features that Make the Difference

The VeryUtils Appointment Booking System comes equipped with a plethora of features that will transform your booking process into a seamless experience. Here are some of the standout features:

  1. Dynamic Pricing: Set custom pricing methods and units, ensuring that your services are accurately priced, be it by area, time, or any other metric.

  2. Add-On Services: Offer additional services that clients can include when making a booking, boosting revenue and customer satisfaction.

  3. One-Page Checkout: Streamline the booking process with a user-friendly one-page checkout, reducing abandoned bookings.

  4. Custom Appearance: Tailor the system's appearance to match your brand and website seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

  5. Easy Schedule Setup: Configure your schedule, including breaks and off days, allowing for complete control over appointment availability.

  6. Guest User Checkout: Simplify the booking process for clients by allowing them to book without creating an account.

  7. Partial Deposit: Secure bookings with partial deposits, reducing no-shows and cancellations.

  8. PDF Invoices: Automatically generate professional PDF invoices for clients, improving transparency and professionalism.

  9. CSV Reports Export: Easily access and export comprehensive reports for your business analytics.

  10. Coupon Discounts: Boost customer engagement by offering coupon discounts to encourage repeat bookings.

Secure and Convenient Payment Options

Collecting payments from clients is a breeze with VeryUtils Appointment Booking System. It supports various payment gateways, including PayPal Express Checkout, Authorize.net, Stripe, 2Checkout, Paystack, Payfast, Mollie, Paytm, Payway, eWay, and Razorpay. This versatility ensures that your clients can pay using their preferred method.

Customization and Deployment Options

The system is written in PHP, and when you purchase it, you receive the full source code, making it easy to deploy on your servers. If you prefer a hassle-free approach, VeryUtils also offers a SaaS service where they install the system on their servers and provide free maintenance.

User-Friendly Front End and Efficient Communication

Clients will find the system's front-end easy to navigate, while website owners can easily customize the appearance to align with their branding. VeryUtils Appointment Booking System enhances communication between service providers and clients through email notifications, ensuring a smooth booking process.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support

This booking system offers multi-language and multi-currency options, allowing website owners to cater to a diverse clientele and make bookings more accessible for their customers.

How it Works

VeryUtils Appointment Booking System is easy to use and configure. Once you have installed the software, you can start adding services, configuring scheduling, and setting up payment methods. You can also create embed code to use the booking system on any page of your website.


There are many benefits to using VeryUtils Appointment Booking System. Here are just a few:

  • Increase online bookings
  • Improve customer service
  • Save time and money
  • Gain insight into your business

Who Should Use It?

VeryUtils Appointment Booking System is a great solution for businesses of all types, including:

  • Service businesses
  • Janitorial booking
  • Handyman services
  • Windows cleaning
  • Domestic on-demand maid services
  • Pest control booking
  • Plumber booking services
  • Grave care service
  • Pool and lawn care services
  • Maintenance and repair service providers
Get Started with a Live Demo

Curious to see how VeryUtils Appointment Booking System works in action? Explore its capabilities with a live demo available at https://veryutils.com/php-appointment-scheduler.

Elevate Your Service Business

In a world where convenience and efficiency matter most, the VeryUtils Appointment Booking System is your key to transforming your service business. With its extensive features, customizable appearance, and support for multiple payment gateways, you can streamline your booking process, boost client satisfaction, and ultimately grow your business. Invest in the best online booking software available and watch your service business flourish.

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[Solution] The Ultimate Enterprise PDF Solution for Enterprises, Businesses, Academic Institutions, and Organizations

VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solutions are tailor-made for enterprises, businesses, academic institutions, and organizations seeking a powerful and centralized PDF creation solution. With this comprehensive solution, you can effortlessly deploy professional PDF creation capabilities across your network, supporting a wide range of Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

Gone are the days of manual PDF printer deployment, as VeryUtils PDF Solutions streamline the process, ensuring efficiency and control. To unlock the full potential of this solution, you'll need to acquire Client Licenses for all your users, allowing you to enjoy the myriad features it offers.



PDF Print Server Features

The PDF Print Server is the backbone of VeryUtils PDF Solutions, offering a multitude of features to enhance your PDF management capabilities:

  1. Centralized Control: Manage your PDF printers and settings from a centralized server, reducing the need for manual configurations on individual client devices.

  2. Automatic Deployment: Easily deploy PDF printers to all or selected clients, saving time and effort.

  3. On-the-Fly Deployment Scripts: Generate deployment scripts dynamically, adapting to your organization's evolving needs.

  4. Dynamic Synchronization: Keep your PDF settings in sync between the server and clients for consistent printing experiences.

  5. Print Time Management: Optimize print job schedules to improve workflow efficiency.

  6. Printer Sharing Automation: Simplify printer sharing on the client side for hassle-free collaboration.

  7. Easy Scripting Integration: Seamlessly integrate scripts into your PDF management workflow.

  8. Print Statistics: Gain insights into your organization's printing habits for better resource allocation.

  9. PDF Print Server Diagnostics: Troubleshoot and resolve printing issues with ease.

  10. Performance Tuning: Fine-tune the performance of your PDF printing infrastructure for optimal results.

  11. Workload Balancing: Distribute print jobs efficiently to balance the load on your network.

  12. Print Job Optimization: Improve the speed and quality of your print jobs with advanced optimization features.

  13. Multi-threading and Hyper-threading: Leverage multi-threading capabilities for enhanced performance.

  14. Multi-level Cache: Store print jobs and print tickets in a multi-level cache for quicker access.

  15. Smart Print Scheduler: Schedule printing tasks intelligently to avoid conflicts and bottlenecks.

  16. Network Deployment and Optimization: Ensure smooth network operation while optimizing PDF print job handling.

PDF Print Driver Features

The PDF Print Driver complements the PDF Print Server with additional features for secure and efficient PDF creation:

  1. Robust Encryption: Utilize 128-bit RC4 encryption with password and access control to safeguard your PDF documents.

  2. Font Embedding: Embed various font types into PDF files, including TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and more.

  3. Color Management: Integrate CIE color space and ICC profiles into your PDFs for accurate and vibrant color reproduction.

  4. Image Export: Convert PDFs into popular image formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF.

  5. Document Restoration: Easily restore Microsoft Word documents from PDF files.

  6. Web Page Conversion: Convert PDFs into web pages for online accessibility.

  7. PDF Customization: Create CMYK PDFs and apply restrictions to control document viewing, printing, editing, and copying.

  8. Data Compression: Reduce file size by compressing PDFs to the extreme.

  9. Data Cleanup: Remove hidden sensitive data that might be embedded in PDF files.

  10. Color Space Support: Work with CIE, RGB, sRGB, and CMYK color spaces, ensuring compatibility with various color profiles.

  11. ICC Profile Rendering: Specify rendering intent during conversion for accurate color representation.

  12. Additional Features: Enjoy a range of features, including text and image handling, transparency, live URLs, fast web view, PDF merging, overlaying, layer creation, watermarking, attachment addition, custom paper size definition, and high-resolution scanning to PDF.

  13. Compliance: Adhere to the Adobe PDF Specification and create full-text searchable, vector-based PDF output.

VeryUtils PDF Solutions are your key to streamlined and efficient PDF management, making it an essential asset for your enterprise, business, academic institution, or organization. With a comprehensive set of features, central control, and support for a variety of Windows operating systems, VeryUtils PDF Solutions empower you to enhance your document workflow and improve productivity.

Who can get benefits from VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer?

VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer is a versatile and powerful tool that offers a wide range of benefits to various individuals and organizations. Whether you're a professional, student, or business owner, this innovative software can significantly enhance your digital document management experience.

  1. Professionals: Professionals from diverse fields, including legal, healthcare, finance, and engineering, can benefit from VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer. It simplifies the process of creating, editing, and sharing PDF documents, making it an invaluable asset for those who regularly deal with contracts, reports, presentations, and other critical documents.

  2. Students and Educators: Students and educators can streamline their academic pursuits by using VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer. It allows for the easy conversion of research papers, lecture notes, and assignments into PDF format, ensuring a polished and professional appearance for all educational materials.

  3. Small Businesses: Small businesses can reduce paper usage, streamline document sharing, and improve their overall document management processes with VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer. This solution simplifies the creation of invoices, brochures, and other business-critical documents while promoting a more eco-friendly approach to record-keeping.

  4. Large Corporations: Large corporations with complex document management needs can benefit from the centralized control and automation features offered by VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer. This software can help optimize document workflows, improve compliance, and enhance collaboration across multiple departments.

  5. Graphic Designers: Graphic designers often need to share design mockups, portfolios, and visual assets with clients and collaborators. VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer allows designers to easily convert their work into a standardized PDF format, ensuring compatibility and professional presentation.

  6. Legal Professionals: Lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals can rely on VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer to create secure and professional legal documents. The software's encryption and access control features ensure confidentiality and compliance with legal standards.

  7. Healthcare Providers: In the healthcare industry, patient records and medical reports must be handled with the utmost care. VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer can be a valuable tool for converting and securely sharing medical documents while adhering to strict privacy regulations.

  8. Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofits can improve their efficiency by using VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer to create and share fundraising materials, grant proposals, and reports. The solution offers a cost-effective way to manage and distribute important documents.

  9. Government Agencies: Government agencies can simplify their document management processes by adopting VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer. The software supports the creation of official documents, forms, and reports, helping government employees work more effectively and securely.

  10. Individuals: Even individuals can find value in VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer. Whether you're organizing personal documents, creating a digital portfolio, or simply looking to convert web pages into PDFs for easy archiving, this software is a practical addition to your digital toolkit.

VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer caters to a diverse audience, enabling anyone who deals with digital documents to enjoy the benefits of streamlined document management, enhanced security, and improved document compatibility. Its versatility and user-friendly features make it a valuable tool in various professional and personal contexts.

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[Solution] OEM VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Royalty Free Solution for Developers and Enterprises

In today's digital age, efficient document management is paramount for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you are a Windows developer, an office worker, or a student, the need to create, share, and archive documents in a reliable and user-friendly manner is crucial. This is where VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution comes into play. VeryUtils offers a robust and versatile solution that makes the process of creating, managing, and securing your documents a breeze.



What is VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution?

VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution is a powerful and versatile software tool designed to enhance your document management experience on Windows operating systems. It functions as a virtual printer, seamlessly integrated into your system, allowing you to generate PDF documents effortlessly from virtually any Windows application. Whether you're working in Adobe Reader, MS Office applications, internet browsers, or image viewers, the VeryUtils PDF Printer is there to simplify your document conversion process.

Who Can Benefit from VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution?
1. Windows Developers:

Windows developers can harness the capabilities of VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution to integrate PDF generation into their applications. This solution offers a straightforward way to add PDF creation features, enhancing the functionality of their software. Developers can access a variety of settings, enabling full control over the PDF conversion process and ensuring a seamless user experience.

2. Office Workers and Students:

For office workers and students, VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution streamlines document conversion and management tasks. It simplifies the process of creating PDFs from various applications, ensuring format consistency and searchability. With a single click, you can transform your documents into PDFs, making them easier to share, archive, and access.

3. Businesses and Professionals:

Businesses and professionals can benefit from the comprehensive feature set offered by VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution. It serves as an all-in-one solution for document conversion, archiving, encryption, and more. Whether you need to save, email, print, OCR, or combine documents into PDF, this software provides an efficient and user-friendly approach to document management.

4. Those Needing Document Security:

VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution offers the ability to protect PDF files with password encryption. This feature ensures that sensitive information remains secure and restricts unauthorized access to documents. With PDF encryption, your files are safeguarded on various platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and smartphones.

5. Scanned Document Users:

For users dealing with scanned documents, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities of VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution are invaluable. It can convert scanned documents, such as faxes, TIFF, DICOM, JPEG, and more, into editable text files. This makes it ideal for storing and archiving various types of documents, from invoices and medical records to sales receipts and scanned paperwork.

Key Features of VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution:
  • Print to PDF from virtually any Windows program.
  • Password protection and encryption options.
  • Support for various PDF file formats, including PDF/A.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for scanned documents.
  • Integration with multiple Windows applications.
  • Batch printing and custom paper size options.
  • User-friendly and versatile features for easy document management.
  • Print to PDF from almost any Windows program.
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  • Direct output to the same file each time or prompt for destination.
  • Control if the printer should ask if you want to see the resulting PDF document.
  • Control output and prompts programmatically.
  • Setup can run unattended.
  • Graphical user interface.
  • Password protect PDF documents.
  • AES 256/128 bit encryption and standard 128/40 bit encryption.
  • Quality settings (screen, printer, ebook, prepress).
  • Set document properties.
  • Watermark text, size, rotation, and transparency.
  • Superimpose/background documents.
  • Appending/prepending documents.
  • User interface control.
  • Linearized PDF documents for fast web view.
  • PDF/A-1b support for long time storage of PDF documents.
  • Signing of PDF documents using digital certificates.
  • Command line interface to all settings.
  • COM/ActiveX interface for programmatic control.
  • Microsoft.NET API for C#, VB.NET, and other .NET development.
  • Support for Citrix MetaFrame
  • Support for Windows Terminal Server and RDP
  • Multiple output types supported: BMP, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PNG, and TIFF.
  • Upload document using FTP or SFTP protocol.
  • Support batch printing
  • Printing of specified page numbers, custom paper size, page adaptation size, orientation, number of copies, etc.
  • Support black and white printing and duplex printing
  • View the effects of printing at any time in the preview panel
  • Essentially a virtual printer, you can choose to export documents as PDF, Microsoft XPS Document, or WPS PDF, or share them by fax or save them to OneNote
  • Convert all your printable files such as web pages and MS Office files to fully searchable PDF documents
  • Make text in scanned PDFs searchable using the OCR module
  • A great alternative to expensive software solutions for creating PDF files
  • PDF files can be further read and even edited in VeryUtils's own PDF editor or any standard PDF application
  • Print to PDF, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-3b, PDF/X, PDF/Image, OCR, SVG, PNG, JPEG, TIF and TXT
  • Print 100% valid PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-3b
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Scripting Interface (Python, Powershell, VBScript...)
  • Shared Network Printing
  • SVG Export
  • Drag and Drop Support
  • Merge Files
  • Command Line Support
  • Silent Printing
  • Custom Paper Sizes / Standard Paper Sizes
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Light/Dark Theme
  • ARM64 Support
  • Full Unicode Support
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Create additional printers with assigned profile
  • Easy to deploy (MSI-Installer & Config)
  • Many settings
  • Easy to use
  • No adware, spyware and nagware
  • Searchable Compact PDF File Format
  • PDF File Format Specific Features
  • PDF linearization for Fast Web Viewing
  • Printer Manager - for easy configuration
  • PDF/A for the digital preservation
  • Compact PDF File Format
  • Printer Manager - for easy configuration
  • Save As Option - prompt for filename before saving
  • Agent Printers (multiple task printers)
  • Conversion Profiles
  • Annotation, Header and Footer on printed documents
  • Add Bates Numbering to printed documents
  • Add Watermark or Stamp on printed documents
  • Print Preview Window
  • Email output as attachment
  • Merge Multiple Documents into one Single File
  • Split Multipage Documents into separate files
  • Upload to SharePoint
  • Trim whitespace, Crop Margins, Split document
  • OCR - Optical Character Recognition
  • MSI Installer available for large scale deployment
  • Shareable Printer Drivers over the network
  • Redirect printing to additional printers
  • Print Documents from OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive
  • Print specific pages or page ranges
  • Multi-printer installation / Multi-port installation
  • API for Developers

In a world where digital document management is crucial, VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution offers a valuable and efficient tool for Windows users. It simplifies the process of converting documents to PDF format, securing sensitive information, and making scanned documents searchable. With a focus on versatility and user-friendliness, this solution caters to a wide range of users, from developers to office workers, ensuring that their document management needs are met with ease and precision. Whether you're looking for an efficient PDF creation tool or a robust solution for document security, VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution is here to simplify your document management journey.

Introducing VeryUtils Custom Development Service

Are you seeking tailored solutions to meet your specific business needs, especially in the realm of PDF document management and printing? Look no further, as VeryUtils offers a comprehensive Custom Development Service centered around the highly versatile and feature-rich VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution.

At VeryUtils, we understand that every organization has unique requirements, and off-the-shelf software may not always suffice. That's where our Custom Development Service comes into play. Whether you need to streamline your document workflows, enhance PDF processing capabilities, or create a custom PDF printing solution for your specific industry, our team of expert developers is ready to assist.

Contact us:


What Does VeryUtils Custom Development Service Offer?

  1. Tailored Solutions: Our experienced development team will work closely with your organization to understand your unique requirements, challenges, and objectives. We will then design and implement a custom solution that aligns perfectly with your needs.

  2. Enhanced Functionality: We can extend the capabilities of the VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution to provide additional features, such as advanced security measures, document automation, OCR integration, and more.

  3. Integration Services: If you have existing software or systems in place, our team can seamlessly integrate the VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer Solution into your current infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions.

  4. Industry-Specific Solutions: VeryUtils can develop custom solutions tailored to specific industries, such as healthcare, legal, finance, and more, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

  5. Expert Support: We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the optimal performance of your custom solution, making sure it remains up to date with changing technology and business needs.

  6. Cost-Efficiency: Investing in custom development can often be more cost-effective in the long run compared to trying to adapt generic software to your needs.

Why Choose VeryUtils Custom Development Service?

  1. Expertise: VeryUtils has a proven track record in software development, with a team of highly skilled professionals who are well-versed in PDF technology and document management.

  2. Tailored Solutions: We create solutions specifically designed to fit your organization's unique requirements, ensuring that your business processes are optimized.

  3. Efficiency and Productivity: Our solutions are designed to streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and boost overall efficiency.

  4. Security and Compliance: We take data security and compliance seriously, ensuring that our custom solutions meet the highest standards.

  5. Ongoing Support: We offer continuous support to guarantee the long-term success and stability of your custom solution.

If you're looking to enhance your PDF document management, printing, and processing capabilities, VeryUtils Custom Development Service is your ideal partner. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and let us create a custom solution that empowers your business to thrive in the digital age.

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Royalty Free Virtual PDF Printer Driver for CNC machine


I'm searching virtual printer driver for our CNC machine.

The process is like below.

Design software(AI, Inkscape so on) -> print -> select virtual printer -> output EMF, SVG, PNG file in specific location -> automatically execute our software(create tool-path) -> transmit G-code to the our machine.

So the functions I need are like below,

- Virtual printer driver
- the driver is released with our software
- Support EMF, PNG, SVG file format
- Customize printer name
- Auto execute our software

Please let me know an estimate for the cost of this.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Thanks for your message, our PDF Virtual Printer SDK product is best meet your requirements, you may download and buy PDF Virtual Printer SDK from following web page,


PDF Virtual Printer SDK has following functions that you required,

>>- Virtual printer driver

Yes, PDF Virtual Printer SDK is a Virtual printer driver.

>>- the driver is released with your software

Yes, after you buy Developer License, you can include PDF Virtual Printer SDK into your software and distribute it along with your software to your customers royalty free.

>>- Support EMF, PNG, SVG file format

Yes, with "PDF to Image Converter Command Line or SDK" and "PDF to Vector Converter Command Line or SDK" Extensions, you can convert from PDF to EMF, PNG, SVG file formats easily.

PDF to Image Converter Command Line or SDK,


PDF to Vector Converter Command Line or SDK,


>>- Customize printer name

Yes, you can Customize printer name to anything that you want, it's free.

>>- Auto execute our software

Yes, you can use configuration file (config.ini) to call your software after printed PDF file is created.


In the world of computer numerical control (CNC) machining, precision is key. Every design, every tool path, and every piece of machinery must work in harmony to create flawless results. One vital component in this process is the virtual printer driver, a bridge between your design software and CNC machine. In a recent inquiry from a customer looking for a solution that fits their specific needs, VeryUtils introduced their PDF Virtual Printer SDK as the perfect candidate. Let's delve into the details of this solution and how it meets the customer's requirements.

Understanding the Customer's Needs

The customer outlined a set of requirements for the virtual printer driver that would seamlessly integrate into their CNC machining process. These requirements included:

  1. Virtual Printer Driver: The driver should serve as a virtual printer, facilitating the conversion of design files into formats like PDF, EMF, PNG, and SVG.
  2. Integration with Custom Software: The virtual printer driver should be compatible with their existing software. This compatibility is vital to ensure a smooth workflow from design to machine execution.
  3. File Format Support: The driver should support various file formats, particularly PDF, EMF, PNG, and SVG, which are essential in CNC machining for producing tool paths and design instructions.
  4. Customizable Printer Name: The ability to customize the printer name is crucial as it adds a personal touch and streamlines the workflow for the customer's CNC machining operations.
  5. Automated Software Execution: After the virtual printer creates the necessary files, it should trigger the automatic execution of the customer's software, simplifying the tool-path creation and G-code transmission.

VeryUtils's PDF Virtual Printer SDK Solution

VeryUtils's PDF Virtual Printer SDK is a comprehensive solution that perfectly aligns with the customer's requirements:

  1. Virtual Printer Driver: The PDF Virtual Printer SDK acts as a virtual printer, offering seamless integration with design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and more.
  2. Integration with Custom Software: After obtaining a Developer License, the customer can include the PDF Virtual Printer SDK in their software. This means they can distribute it along with their application to their customers royalty-free, ensuring complete compatibility.
  3. File Format Support: PDF Virtual Printer SDK extends its functionality with additional features like "PDF to Image Converter Command Line or SDK" and "PDF to Vector Converter Command Line or SDK" extensions. These features allow for the conversion of PDF files into various formats, including PDF, Postscript, EMF, PNG, and SVG.
  4. Customizable Printer Name: PDF Virtual Printer SDK grants users the freedom to customize the printer name according to their preferences, ensuring a personalized touch to the printing process.
  5. Automated Software Execution: The virtual printer driver's configuration file (config.ini) enables the automatic execution of the customer's software after the PDF file is created. This feature streamlines the entire process from design to CNC machine execution.

In response to the customer's inquiry, VeryUtils provided a link to their PDF Virtual Printer SDK product page, where the customer can access more information and make a purchase.

To explore VeryUtils's PDF Virtual Printer SDK and learn more about how it can enhance your CNC machining operations, visit PDF Virtual Printer SDK.

In the world of CNC machining, precision and efficiency are paramount. With the right tools and software, businesses can achieve exceptional results while streamlining their processes. VeryUtils's PDF Virtual Printer SDK appears to be a promising solution for CNC machine operators, offering a versatile and customizable platform that caters to unique needs.

✅ Want to buy this product from VeryUtils?

If you are interested in purchasing this software or developing a customized software based on it, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and providing developer assistance if required.