PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX is a Powerful Component for Viewing and Interacting with PDF Files in .NET Applications

PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX is an essential tool for programmers who develop .NET applications and need to integrate PDF viewing and interaction capabilities into their software. With this versatile ActiveX component, developers can open, view, print, save, navigate, and access properties of PDF files directly from their applications, providing users with a seamless PDF viewing experience.



Key Features of PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX:

1. Fast PDF Opening: PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX ensures quick and efficient opening of PDF files, allowing users to access the content promptly.

2. Navigation and Page Control: Developers can easily implement page navigation within multipage PDF files. Users can navigate to specific pages, scroll through the document, or pan the pages using the mouse.

3. Support for Protected PDFs: This ActiveX component handles protected PDF files, enabling secure access to their content. Users can view and interact with password-protected PDFs seamlessly.

4. Zooming and Customization: PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX provides flexible zooming capabilities, allowing users to zoom in, zoom out, or set a custom zoom level. The component ensures high-quality rendering of the PDF content at any zoom level.

5. Text Search: Users can search for specific text within multipage PDF files, facilitating quick retrieval of relevant information. The search functionality enhances the usability of applications dealing with large PDF documents.

6. Export and Print Options: The component supports exporting individual pages or specific ranges of pages to bitmap files, enabling users to extract and use PDF content as needed. Additionally, PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX allows users to print PDF files with customizable print settings, such as page range and orientation.

7. Printer Integration: Developers can easily retrieve the default printer name using the component, ensuring seamless integration with printing functionalities in their applications.

8. Print Events: PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX provides print events, allowing developers to track the progress of printing operations. This feature enables them to obtain information on the number of pages printed and when the printing process is completed.

9. Additional Features: The component offers additional features such as rotation of PDF pages at specific degrees, support for viewing Unicode content (including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew), user-defined display areas, and customizable zoom options.

10. Wide Language Support and Compatibility: PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX is compatible with various programming languages, including C# 2019, C# 2010, VB.NET 2019, VB.NET 2010, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script (vbs), Visual C++, Visual Foxpro, Delphi, Access, and Web Page development. It can be seamlessly integrated into any programming language that supports ActiveX, providing flexibility for developers working across different platforms.

11. Royalty-Free Distribution: Developers can distribute the PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX OCX file royalty-free, allowing them to include the component in their applications without any additional costs or restrictions.

PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX is an invaluable component for developers who frequently work with PDF files in their .NET applications. Its comprehensive set of features, fast performance, and compatibility with various programming languages make it an ideal choice for integrating powerful PDF viewing and interaction capabilities into applications.

To experience the convenience and power of PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX, you can download the latest trial or full version from the official website. Explore the possibilities of seamless PDF integration in your .NET applications with this powerful component.


Note: Please refer to the official website to access the latest trial or full version of PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX and obtain licensing information.

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