How to Convert PowerPoint to Video format from IIS Service?

Attached herewith is a sample of our PowerPoint presentation. Note that the video should be converted in IIS and not in Visual studio where it works perfectly using available libraries.

We would further like to know the below from your regarding your dll.
1. Is your dll built using Microsoft interop library?
2. Will it crash if there are more than 3 requests parallely or we will have to queue the requests one after the other?



Thanks for your sample PPTX file.

We suggest you may download a trial version of PowerPoint to Video Converter Command Line from this web page first,

Please make sure your system has Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2013 or later application installed. After you download it, you can run following command line to convert your PPTX file to Video file properly,

"c:\users\admin\desktop\ppt2videocmd\ppt2video.exe" -i "c:\sampleanimations.ppt" -o "c:\sampleanimations.wmv"

D:\ppt2video\pptvideo.exe D:\MiPwP.pptx D:\SampleAnimations.wmv

After you get the wmv video format, you can run following command line to convert wmv video to other formats easily,

ffmpeg.exe -y -i SampleAnimations.wmv -c: v libx264 -crf 23 SampleAnimations.mp4

You can call both ppt2video.exe and ffmpeg.exe applications from your C# application to convert a PPT or PPTX to WMV and other video formats easily.

You can call these EXE applications from IIS without any problem.

If you wish convert more PPT/PPTX files to Video files at same time, you need design a queue, all conversion files will be pushed into this queue, and then convert them to Video files one by one.

Thank you.


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