Intercept Data Sent to Print, Convert them to PDF files and Insert PDF files into Database

Capturing Text from Order Ticket Printer and Output to a Database

We use small little printers in our kitchens that print order tickets. I would like to intercept and capture the printer data and store it to a database. From the database, I would like to take the "printed data" and display it on a display screen instead of paper.

My question is - any idea of a technique to intercept the data (almost like a special printer driver) that would capture the incoming printer data and store it in a database instead of printing it?  Once I have the data in database, I can format it however I want based on key words/fields that print to the printer. (At least in my mind...)

This technique makes the process transparent to the POS software, so I don't have to worry about writing proprietary interfaces and things of that nature but only focus on formatting the data I capture and display it.

These printers are shared on a Windows Server 2003 print server and all Windows workstations utilize the print server services. Printing is currently using Generic/Text printer driver in Windows to these printers (which are Epson U220).

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Intercept Data Sent to Print and Insert into Database

A legacy application (I don't have the source code for the application) transmits reports to a printer. One of the reports that are sent to the printer needs to be inserted into a database. With VB.NET can I intercept items that are sent to the printer? Can I read what is being sent to the buffer with VB.NET and save to a file? Please let me know if this is possible with VB.NET. Should I be using a memorystream and window services? Please let know if you have any ideas. I could use all the help that I can get.

Customer 2
Capture documents from any printer and store them as .pdf or .bmp

I need a program to intercept print jobs from any driver on my system (not a single custom one) and store the contents of the print job as a .pdf, .png, or most likely .bmp. I'm fairly fluent in C#, but all of the libraries and snippets that I've seen on this forum either

A: Aren't implemented properly and don't work at all, or
B: Their methods don't contain any data associated with the actual content of the print spool.

Is there any API or method that you know of that will give me access to all the outgoing print jobs (I can also loop through each driver individually) and their contents to be converted into a bitmap or pdf? If you know of any solutions in other languages, I can attempt to adapt them if need be.

Customer 3

How to intercept a print job convert it to plain text and print?

Dear Experts,

I need some advice and tips for a new project I want to start.

I will be working with several bars and restaurants for a loyalty program.

Since all the customers already have a POS Software/Hardware from different vendors, I need to write a program to be able to capture in plain text the final invoice when the POS prints the final receipt.

The process should be something like:
1. The user send the command to the POS software to print the final check.
2. The program will intercept the printing job, and create a plain text file and store it into the local PC.
3. The check is printed automatically.
4. This should be done in silent mode, the user should not notice anything different.

My questions are:
1. Is this possible to do with POS printers like the ESPONS TM family printers?
2. First I want to build this for windows xp to windows 8.
3. Which programming language is more suitable for this task, I can use C# and Delphi.

I will give the max point available!!!

Thanks Experts!
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