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VeryUtils Web Email Extractor is an online/offline tool for extracting targeted email addresses from any websites. Our Web Email Extractor tool supports multiple processes connections so that the scraping speed is very fast. There are lots of features just like you can extract email addresses from unlimited websites, input more websites at a time, export the data/result in TEXT format, extract emails from text file or text content, collect websites from search engines and text file etc.

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Features of Email Extractor
User Friendly, Lightweight And Powerful Email Extractor. Extract unlimited number of targeted email in just few minutes.

Simple Keyword Search
Enter the list of keywords that describes your business or target search. Then the program will query search engines and search for email addresses on the best matched web pages.

Website Search
Enter valid URL of the website that you want to extract email addresses and VeryUtils Email Extractor will scan all pages of the website and retrieve email addresses that are available.

URL List & Local source
You can also extract email from list of URLs and local source such as file or folder or drive and VeryUtils Email Extractor will scan through the files and check for email addresses. (Only ASCII / Text Files)

Multiple Processes Design
Emails will be extracted quickly using Multi-Processes technology without changing your PCs. You can also control over how many processes you want to execute at a time.

Extract emails from Facebook and Twitter
Of course, you can simply buy Facebook ads, but there is another way: you can use VeryUtils Web Email Extractor to extract the contact details of people who belong to a specific group, or like posts on a specific topic.

Unlike many web-based tools, our product can collect an unlimited number of email addresses. VeryUtils Web Email Extractor allows you to pick people based on criteria such as interests, job title, place of residence or language. It can also pick email addresses from any group in fully automatic mode.

This is a marketing expert's dream come true!

Extract emails from websites with VeryUtils website crawler
Unlike many web-based tools, VeryUtils website crawler allows you to scan an unlimited number of webpages. Moreover, you can use it anytime without paying a monthly or per-use fee. Say, you need to promote a crypto currency project. If you know a forum frequented by bitcoin aficionados, you can extract their email addresses with VeryUtils website crawler, and then send your newsletters to them.

We are also provide the custom-build service based on this software, so you have any special requirements, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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