VeryUtils Print Job Capturer for Print Archiving, viewing and print content capture

VeryUtils Print Job Capturer for Print Archiving, viewing and print content capture.


Print data is typically short-lived, the user prints the job and then the print job content is lost. VeryUtils Print Job Capturer software changes that. With VeryUtils Print Job Capturer software, it is now possible to:

* Save and archive print jobs to a database, so you can view and reuse these printed documents in the future.
* Interactively view what has been printed.
* View printed documents on the cloud.
* Capture print jobs and save them to PDF files.

Feature Highlights in VeryUtils Print Job Capturer software,
* Store an historic record of all printed content, limited only by available storage space.
* View past print jobs interactively in the browser.
* Control which administrators have access to view or remove archived content.
* Download the original spool file for 100% fidelity when reprinting.
* Remove archived data from the system and disk.
* Move older archives to external storage, such as offline backup or offsite cloud repository, for long term data retention.
* Enable or disable archiving on selected printers and users.
* More and more good features.

VeryUtils Print Job Capturer can monitor all printing activity, collect print documents. This software provides centralized print management capabilities for businesses and educational institutions through advanced print control, print monitor, print counter, print quota, and print audit capabilities. This software can be used with any brand or type of printer, making it a global usage software.

VeryUtils Print Job Capturer is the best choice for the majority of our customers for day-to-day print management and control. Try before you buy with our free trial that lets you test drive our easy-to-use software to discover how it's going to fit with your business. Businesses and educational facilities are using this innovative print control solution to manage printers, count printing, reduce printing costs and increased efficiency.

If you would like to monitor all printers in your system, capture all printed documents and save them to PDF files, VeryUtils Print Job Capturer will be your best choice, you may download and evalute it today,

Some questions from customers:
Q: Capturing print jobs to be printed into an Image file or PDF file.

I am a novice to Windows printer driver, and would appreciate any printers on the following.

* Enumerating as a printer (In the print menu, similar to print to PDF file).
* Capturing the print job and encode it into a JPG file or PDF file.

But I am not sure where to start the enumeration and printing stuff.

A: It seems you need a Virtual PDF Printer, docuPrinter GUI software will work fine to you, after you install it, you can print your documents to docPrint or docPrint PDF Driver, then you can save to PDF or JPEG files easily, you may download docuPrinter GUI software from this web page,
Q: Capture documents from any printer and store them as .pdf or .bmp

I need a program to intercept print jobs from any driver on my system (not a single custom one) and store the contents of the print job as a .pdf, .png, or most likey .bmp. I'm faily fluent in C#, but all of the libraries and snippets that I've seen on the internet either,

A: Aren't implemented properly and don't work at all, or
B: Their methods don't contain any data associated with the actual content of the print spool.

Is there any API or method that you know of that will give me access to all the outgoing print jobs (I can also loop through each driver individually) and their contents to be converted into a bitmap or pdf? If you know of any solutions in other languages, I can attempt to adapt them if need be. Thanks.

A: VeryUtils Print Job Capturer software will reach your requirements, you can use VeryUtils Print Job Capturer to intercept and capture print jobs from all installed Windows printers, convert captured print documents to PDF files, send them to a cloud server, then you can reuse these printed documents easily.

If you have any question for this software, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to hear from you.

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