Best Bulk Email Sender Software to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers

Best Bulk Email Sender Software to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers. You may buy Bulk Email Sender Software from following web page,


Bulk Email Sender Software is written in PHP, you can run it in Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

We are also provide Mass Email Sender Service to our customers. Paid plans for bulk email sending start at $25 for 10,000 emails a month. Our pricing is based on the number of emails rather than amount of subscribers. This makes us one of the best bulk email software for those with large contact lists.

Suitable for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Discover our plans,

Bulk mailer software for email marketing
Deliver email blasts and email newsletters straight to the inbox with VeryUtils Bulk Email Sender software.

Avoid the spam folder
VeryUtils's Mass email Sender software has dedicated infrastructure and resources in place to make sure your emails deliver to the inbox.
* Actively managed SMTP servers.
* Option for high volume senders to purchase a dedicated IP.
* A team of experienced email deliverability experts.
* Switch between multiple SMTP Servers automatically.

Powerful automation
Personalize your mass mailing campaigns with custom marketing automation workflows to follow up on email activity and website behavior.
* Deliver real-time automated emails.
* Easy-to-use automation workflow editor.
* Boost open rates with personalized messaging.

Store unlimited email subscribers
Get maximum value out of your email list with VeryUtils's Mass email Sender software.
* Import existing via excel, .csv or .txt file.
* Automatically filter duplicate email addresses.
* Automatically filter invalid email addresses.

Email Verifications
Increase open rates, avoid the spam folder, and in turn, increase revenue by ensuring that email addresses on your list are real and valid before pressing send.

Automate your emails to engage with your customers at the right moment
Use VeryUtils's Email Automation workflows to streamline your communications. Send customers triggered emails that arrive in their inbox as they hit important milestones in their customer journey.

Real-time data on your automated emails
Track how your automated emails are performing in each scenario and segment in real time. Delve into VeryUtils's Statistics Dashboard to view delivery status, unsubscribe information, and open and click rates. Understand how your customers are responding to your messages. Use the data to optimize your emails and make decisions about your Email Automation strategy going forward.

If you have any question for Best Bulk Email Sender Software and Mass Email Sender Service, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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