jpdfkit is a PDF conversion and form utility for Windows, Mac and Linux systems

jpdfkit is a PDF conversion and form utility for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. You can use this command line software to combine PDFs, remove PDF pages, split PDF PDFs, and fill in PDF forms with this handy Linux command line easily.


Business peoples are deal with huge numbers of PDF files every day. The PDF format is popular because it contains processed PostScript code. PostScript is the printer language of modern printers, so publishers often publish digital versions of books in PDF format, and they invest time and effort in producing PDF files for printing. But PDF is not an editable format, and while some reverse processing is possible, it should be the last stop for digital data before it is sent to the printer. Even so, sometimes you need to make adjustments to your PDF files, VeryUtils jpdfkit tool is the most efficient PDF command line tool.

The trial version of jpdfkit can be downloaded from this web page,

jpdfkit Command Line software highlight features:
* Fill forms, either from a XFDF/FDF file or from a data array (UTF-8 safe for unflattened forms).
* Create XFDF or FDF files from PHP arrays (UTF-8 safe!).
* Create FDF files from filled PDF forms.
* Combine pages from several PDF files into a new PDF file.
* Split a PDF into one file per page.
* Add background or overlay PDFs.
* Read out meta data about PDF and form fields.
* Set passwords and permissions to PDF files.
* Remove passwords from PDF files.

jpdfkit Command Syntax
The structure of a valid jpdfkit command follows a pattern, but there's a lot of flexibility in what's in the pattern. The syntax is a little unusual because it doesn't use traditional-style terminal options, but with practice, it's not too difficult to remember.

jpdfkit: The alias to call the command
input file: The PDF you want to modify
action: What you want to do to the input file
output: Where you want to save your modified PDF file

You may look at more jpdfkit command line examples from this web page,

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