VeryUtils Email Spider is an Email Crawler, Email Address Crawler and Extractor

This article will tell you how to use VeryUtils Email Spider software.

VeryUtils Email Crawler is an email spider. It is light and easy to use, but powerful. It extracts email addresses from various sources: search engines, websites, local files, etc. It is a great tool for creating custom contact lists to grow your business.


We all know how difficult it is to build an email sales list from scratch, especially for small companies. Due to limited resources, there is no other option. In fact, many companies even buy preset profile lists from third parties and send the same large number of emails. It will put your company in a vulnerable position with poor quality of email lists. However, there is a better way to use email crawlers to build highly targeted email lists.

VeryUtils Email Crawling Tool is an email crawling tool that helps you collect email addresses that are publicly displayed using the robot. This is so good because you can control where to get email lists and who can opt-in. Moreover, you do not have to rely on second-hand sources.

VeryUtils Email Crawler is a powerful email crawling tool that was written in PHP programming language, it can collect email addresses from web pages, so you can run it on your website or local system, it supports Windows, Linux and Mac systems .

Please by following steps to test VeryUtils Email Crawler software.

1. You may buy VeryUtils Email Crawler or Email spider from this web page,

2. After you buy it, you will get a .zip package, that package contains some files, VeryUtils Email Crawler is written in PHP, you will get full source code after you purchase it, so you can reuse its source code easily,


3. You can run following command line to grab emails from a website,

php.exe crawl.php url=== level===10

URL is the website that you want to grab the emails.
level is how many levels for the web pages.

4. You will see following log message in the console,


5. After some minutes, you will get a "emails-queue.txt" file, this file contains all grabbed email addresses, then you can use "PHP Script Batch Send Emails" to send one or more emails to these email addresses,

VeryUtils Email Spider is a PHP script, you will get full source code after you purchase it, then you can modify it to best meet your requirements, if you have any question for this script, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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