Mass Email Sender Desktop Software

Send thousands of emails with a high inbox rate directly from your PC.


Mass Email Sender is a robust desktop and Server software that is capable of sending out tens or hundreds of thousands of emails. The bulk email sender can send emails in three different ways:

1) Custom SMTP relays,
2) Direct DNS sending (example send emails from coffee shops or any other private or public IP)
3) May even send emails through proxies.

Mass Email Sender Desktop Software Core Features:
* 3 Ways of sending:
- 1) Custom SMTP relays;
- 2) Direct DNS sending from private/public IPs;
- 3) Send emails through proxies.

* Automatic email list cleaning – removes bounced emails from your email list.
* HTML editor for creating your email.

* IP reputation warmer feature: increase the total emails sent over time incrementally to warm up your IP sender reputation and benefit from a high inbox rate.
* Filters: do not send your email to more than one company email or emails longer than X characters.
* Short URLs: generate unique short URLs for your main link inside the email to avoid blacklists.
* Send test emails to yourself.
* Automatically switch between multiple SMTP servers, which avoids the limit of the sending frequency of a single SMTP server.
* Support Command Line operation.
* Support Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
* Full PHP source code available to you after purchase.

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