Email Finder is the Fastest Way to Find Email Addresses from websites

VeryUtils Email Finder is a unique program for searching and extracting email addresses, phone numbers and any other information. Every day the program helps marketers all over the world find new customers for free. The program is very easy to use and the functionality is truly limitless.

VeryUtils Email Finder home page,


Extract from Search Engines (by keywords)
You just need to enter a list of keywords to start searching. VeryUtils Email Finder will send queries to search engines, get a list of pages relevant to your query, visit those pages and extract email addresses and other contacts directly from the page code.

Extract from Websites
If you know exactly the sites where you can find email addresses, specify them. VeryUtils Email Finder will load URLs, analyze the content, and collect necessary contacts. In fully automatic mode.

Extract email addresses from files and folders
VeryUtils Email Finder can extract email addresses from all the most popular file formats. The program works in Multiple-Processes mode, and the processing is very fast.

Extract from Yelp
The program also knows how to extract contacts of corporations placed in the Yelp directory. You can select a country, city and specify a keyword.

Extract from Facebook
VeryUtils Email Finder allows you to extract the addresses of your friends, group members and any other people.

Extract from Twitter
The tool to extract email addresses from Twitter is another feature of VeryUtils Email Finder. The program collects email addresses from Twitter easily.

Extract from Google Maps
Extracting contacts from Google Maps is probably one of the most effective ways to find leads, which works especially well for the b2b segment. Google Maps Extractor is one of the new features of VeryUtils Email Finder.

Extract from Whois
VeryUtils Email Finder can extract contact information of domain owners from public Whois records.

No limitations
VeryUtils Email Finder works in multi-process mode and has no limits on the number of found addresses.


VeryUtils Email Finder allows quickly and precisely retrieve email addresses from a website. It is a kind of web crawler or web spider, a program that automatically crawls the Internet for targeted content.

How does The VeryUtils Email Finder work?
The VeryUtils Email Finder script will search the web for internet addresses by looking for the @ character then analyzing the before and after characters. If the email is validated by the program, it will be added to the database. This is why it is not recommended to write your e-mail "in clear" on forums, blogs, etc. You may have seen that on some sites contact emails are written on Jpegs or omit the @ character by writing for example

How to use The VeryUtils Email Finder?
VeryUtils Email Finder is written in PHP, it supports Windows, Mac and Linux systems. VeryUtils Email Finder can be run from website or from command line directly. We will let you know how to run it from command line window,

".\php\php.exe" "crawl.php" "url===" level===1 ""

"php.exe" is PHP interpreter for Windows, you can use different PHP interpreter for Mac and Linux system.

"crawl.php" is VeryUtils Email Finder.

"url" is the URL that you want to search the email addresses.

"level" is how many levels that you want to search for web pages.

"nameinurl" is used to filter URLs by special keywords.

After you buy VeryUtils Email Finder, you will get the full PHP source code, you can modify it to best meet your requirement, if you need any assistance from us, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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