Best PDF Command Line Tools and API for Windows, Mac and Linux systems

Best PDF Command Line Tools and API for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools and C/C++/Python/Java/.NET/JavaScript API give you a wide range of professional, robust tools to modify PDF files.


Java PDF Toolkit (jpdfkit),

PDF Toolkit Command Line Tools & Utilities,

More PDF products in VeryUtils marketplace,

All based on our own PDF technology and with a comprehensive manual.

PDF Editing Highlight Features:
* Quality Split and Merge, keeping bookmarks. Extract pages. Split on Bookmarks.
* All operations can apply to any page range, e.g 1-3,1-end or 6-30even. Collate pages.
* Combine multiple operations in a single command.
* Impose files n-up.
* Create new PDFs. Convert text files to PDF.
* Losslessly squeeze files to reduce their size.
* Encrypt and Decrypt (including AES 128 and AES 256 encryption).
* Read and set info and metadata from a PDF file. Set and read XMP Metadata.
* Scale, rotate, crop and flip pages. Scale pages to fit.
* Copy, Remove and Add bookmarks. Build table of contents from bookmarks.
* Stamp logos, shapes, watermarks, page numbers and multiline text. Transparency.
* List, copy or remove annotations.
* Add and remove file attachments to document or page. Extract attachments.
* Thicken hairlines, blacken text, make draft documents.
* Reconstruct malformed files.
* Detect missing fonts, low resolution images. Remove images. Extract images.
* Add printer's marks.
* Add, modify, remove, or print page labels.
* Export PDF file to / Import PDF file from JSON.
* Manipulate optional content groups.

PDF Editing Detailed Highlight Features:
+ General features
* Apply most operations to just selected page ranges of input files
* Decrypt on-the-fly when an input file is encrypted
* Use standard input and standard output to chain commands together
* Keep or change PDF File IDs
* Use a control file for parameters instead of the command line
* Linearize for fast web view on any operation
* Reconstruct malformed files
* Call from programs with full error handling
* Combine multiple operations into one command line
* Create new PDFs and convert text files to PDF

+ Merging and splitting
* Merge several PDF files into one, keeping bookmarks
* Collate pages when merging
* Split a PDF file into several chunks of a give size, keeping relevant bookmarks
* Split a PDF file at bookmark boundaries (chapter, section etc)

+ Page operations
* Scale pages (e.g from one paper size to another)
* Scale pages to fit
* Shift the contents of a page (e.g to change the margins)
* Rotate a page, in absolute or relative terms
* Flip a page horizontally or vertically
* Crop pages, or remove cropping
* Set a page's media, trim, art, bleed and crop boxes
* Add trim marks

+ Encrypt and decrypt PDF files using 40 bit and 128 bit RC4, or 128 bit and 256 bit AES security
+ Compress and Decompress the streams in a PDF file
+ Losslessly Squeeze files to reduce their size

+ Bookmarks
* List the bookmarks in a file (to JSON if required)
* Remove the bookmarks from a file (from JSON if required)
* Add bookmarks to a file
* Use complex destinations
* Build a table of contents from a PDF's bookmarks

+ Make PDF-based presentations with transition effects

+ Logos, watermarks and stamps
* Stamp a page over or under the pages of a file e.g to watermark
* Combine the pages of two files by combining the individual pages
* Add text, shapes, page numbers, or bates numbers to a page in different fonts, colors and sizes, and with transparency.
* Add multiline text paragraphs including justification.
* Copy fonts from other PDF documents, allowing the use of any font
* Add simple shapes to a page

+ Multipage facilities
* Put multiple pages on one page (n-up)
* Insert blank pages to pad before or after

+ Annotations
* List annotations (as JSON if required)
* Copy annotations from one file to another
* Remove annotations from a file

+ Document information and metadata
* Count pages
* List page info
* List fonts
* Read document info
* Set title, author etc.
* Set page layout, page mode and Acrobat display options
* Read, delete and set metadata
* Add, print, modify or remove page labels
* Set producer and creator
* Set, create or read XMP Metadata and individual fields

+ Add, remove, and extract file attachments, including other PDFs
+ Export PDF file to and import PDF file from JSON
+ Manipulate optional content groups

+ Miscellaneous
* List spot colours
* Thicken hairlines
* Detect missing fonts
* Copy and Remove Fonts
* Detect low resolution images
* Remove individual images
* Thicken hairlines
* Blacken text, fills or lines
* Make draft documents (remove pictures)
* Garbage collection of PDF files
* Change PDF version number
* Copy unique IDs from one file to another, or remove an ID

See some Command Line Usage Examples or C/C++ API Examples or Python Examples or .NET usage examples or Java usage examples or JavaScript usage examples .

Product Details
* Command Line Tools For Windows, MacOS, and Linux (other platforms by request)
* APIs for C/C++, Python, .NET, Java, and JavaScript
* Comprehensive manuals
* Generous discounts on multiple or developer licenses

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions,

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