Use PDF Signer Cloud Service to Sign Any Document Online In Seconds

Sign Any Document Online In Seconds
No need for a printer, Photoshop, or your company director. Try for free,


Upload Document
Upload any PDF or Word or Excel document, whether a photo, a scan, or a PDF file!

Upload Your Signature
Even a photo from your phone will do. The service will remove the background but keep the image quality and color.

VeryUtils PDF Signer Cloud Service is a webservice which helps you to sign a contract, act, invoice or any other document in electronic format. No torment in graphic editors.

What do you need?
1. The document, its scan or photo.
2. Scan or photo of the signature.
3. Scan or photo of the seal or stamp.
Signature and stamp can be scanned as one file.

Supported formats
You can upload the file in the format you have it:
- as a picture — .jpg, .jpeg, .png.
- as a document — .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx.
You can upload the signature and stamp in .jpg, .jpeg, .png formats.

Is it possible to upload multiple-page documents?
Sure, but only if you pay for a single document or unlimited tariff. When you upload multiple-page .doc, .xls or .pdf document, all the pages will be uploaded automatically.

How are the signatures processed?
The background is automatically removed from the signatures, you just choose the quality.
By the way, if you change the signature size on the document, the service will remember the new size and will use it while re-adding.

How long documents are kept in the web service?
Signed documents are kept 24 hours from the moment of uploading, then completely removed.
Signatures and stamps are kept until you delete them.
So you do not waste time reloading frequently used seals and signatures.

Is it legal?
In order to eliminate possible contradictions when signing contracts, we also recommend that the text of the contract should include a condition on the use of a facsimile (including electronic graphic signature) to sign this contract, its appendices and annexes, and that a condition on the method of exchange of legally significant messages via e-mail and the e-mail of each party should be added to the contract.

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