VeryUtils PDF to Text Command Line Extraction

VeryUtils PDF to Text Command Line Extraction is an easy-to-use command line software for text extraction from PDF documents (both text based PDF files and scanned PDF files). The command line extraction from PDF to text can be used to convert text in any PDF document to Unicode text file with multiple output layouts and configuration options.

PDF to text command-line extraction is provided as an easy-to-use command-line application and software development component that can be used as an external EXE application for other client and server based applications.


Why do you want PDF to text command line extraction?

* Complete Unicode support. PDF to text command-line extraction can process PDF files from anywhere in the world (including Asian languages), and use UTF-8 and UTF-16 to represent the extracted text.

* Smart text recognition. Intelligent text recognition and logical structure engine for recognizing words, lines, paragraphs and reading order in PDF documents. The engine can delete duplicate text contents that is usually used for shadows, or text that is hidden under the other page contents. The text extractor can also perfectly process PDF documents containing rotated text or PDF documents where the text contents are displayed in a random order or scattered on the page.

* The highest reliability and robustness. The command-line extraction of PDF to text is designed for server based applications, it's support multiple thread environment, you can call it from your server side applications to convert more PDF files to text files at same time.

* Best performance. Advanced text recognition and content analysis algorithms, as well as low memory usage and native code efficiency, make PDF to Text Command Line Extraction an ideal choice for high-traffic servers and interactive applications.

PDF to Text Command Line Extraction Key functions:
* Extract text from any PDF document as text.
* Extract text from scanned PDF documents using OCR technology.
* Use Unicode text encoding (UTF-8) for output text files.
* Able to remove duplicate text automatically (for example, sometimes used for shadow effects).
* Able to remove hidden text contents automatically.
* Able to delete text which covered by other page elements (such as images or rectangles).
* Support all versions of PDF format (PDF 1.0 to ISO32000).
* Fully supports encrypted documents (40 and 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES and 256-bit AES).
* Support automation and batch processing operations.

Sample use case scenario:
* Server-based PDF documents are converted to text format files on demand.
* Extract text from scanned PDF files on Server side and client side applications.
* Extract text from a large PDF repository for text indexing or content retrieval (for example, implement a PDF search engine).
* Classify or summarize PDF documents according to their content. Find specific words used for content editing purposes (for example, split pages based on keywords, etc.).
* Convert PDF pages to text or XML to reuse content.
* Search for a specific word or keyword on the PDF page and return its location information (for example, highlight an instance of a given word).

Supported operating systems:
* Windows, Linux and Mac. (Linux and Mac versions are available upon request)

System Requirements:
* At least 10 MB of free disk space.
* 2 GB or RAM.

You may download and buy PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line from this web page directly,

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