VeryUtils HTML to PDF Converter is a Command Line software that can be integrated in ASP.NET, Azure Cloud Services and more applications

VeryUtils HTML to PDF Converter is a Command Line software that can be integrated in ASP.NET and MVC web sites, .NET Core applications, Azure Cloud Services, Windows Forms and WPF desktop applications to convert URLs, HTML strings and streams to PDF, to SVG or to images.

The converter offers full support for HTML tags, HTML5 with CSS3, SVG and Web Fonts, page breaks control, media type rules, repeating HTML table header and footer, hierarchical bookmarks, tables of contents, fillable PDF forms, HTML with page numbering in header and footer.


VeryUtils HTML to PDF Converter Command Line can be purchased from this web page,

VeryUtils HTML to PDF Converter does not need installation, does not depend on any third party tools and is compatible both with 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

VeryUtils HTML to PDF Converter was designed and tested to work reliably in multithreaded environments and in high traffic websites.

We offer full C# and VB.NET samples for ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, MVC, Windows Forms and Azure Cloud Services both for NET Framework 4.0 and later and for .NET Core 2.1, 3.0 and later. The licensing model is simple and royalties free.

VeryUtils has lots of PDF related products, include HTML to PDF Converter, RTF to PDF Converter, PDF Viewers for ASP.NET and Windows Forms, PDF Security, PDF Merge and PDF Split libraries, PDF to Text Converter, PDF to Image Converter and PDF Images Extractor. With these tools you can easily create great looking PDF documents with complex formatting.

HTML to PDF Converter - converts any existing HTML document to PDF
Word to PDF Converter - converts Word documents to PDF
Excel to PDF Converter - converts Excel documents to PDF
RTF to PDF Converter - converts Rich Text Format documents to PDF
PDF to Text Converter - can extract text from existing PDF documents
PDF to Image Converter - can convert PDF pages to images
PDF to HTML Converter - can convert PDF pages to HTML documents
PDF Print - can silently print PDF documents
PDF Security - can password protect and set permissions on existing PDF documents
PDF Merge - can merge multiple PDF documents into a single PDF document
PDF Split - can split a PDF document into a multiple PDF documents
PDF Images Extractor - can extract images from existing PDF documents
PDF Viewer for ASP.NET - displays PDF documents within ASP.NET pages
PDF Viewer for WinForms and WPF - displays PDF documents in Desktop applications

The following is a simple VB.NET code to run VeryUtils HTML to PDF Converter Command Line to convert a web page to PDF file, you can integrate it into your VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, etc. program languages easily,

Dim pHTML2PDF As New ProcessStartInfo
pHTML2PDF.FileName = "D:\VeryUtils\htmlconv.bin"
pHTML2PDF.Arguments = "D:\VeryUtils\rasterize.js D:\out.pdf"
pHTML2PDF.UseShellExecute = True
pHTML2PDF.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Normal
Dim proc As Process = Process.Start(pHTML2PDF)

If you have questions about our products please feel free to contact us and we'll respond to your inquiries in the shortest time.

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