Sell PDF E-book files Online with Flipbook Demo Preview and DRM Protection

What is an E-book?
An E-book is an electronic book which one can publish in electronic form, such that you can assess through electronic devices or read on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android systems. An e-book can be fiction or non-fiction book depending on what one wants to write. After writing your e-book, you can sell it on various online platforms.

Selling and delivering digital content online has many benefits over shipping physical goods. Products like sewing patterns, eBooks, recipes, and tutorials can be reproduced inexpensively and delivered instantly to the customer in convenient PDF format. Fulfillment happens automatically and there is no need to carry or manage inventory.


VeryUtils makes it easy to sell PDFs online. VeryUtils is a Marketplace for Digital Products, it's a best place to sell PDF eBooks online. You can register an account from this web page,

Then you can add your PDF eBooks to your shop and sell them online easily.

In order to sell a PDF file online, you should better provide following two issues,

1. Provide a Demo Preview for your PDF eBook.
2. Protect your PDF eBook from Copying and Sharing.

VeryUtils Platform provides several tools to finish above functions, such as,

1. Provide a Demo Preview for your PDF eBook.

You can use "PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Converter Command Line" to convert your Demo PDF file to a Flipbook, and show this Flipbook to your customers, a good Flipbook will increase your sales. You can read more information about "PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Converter Command Line" from this web page,

This is a demo version of Flipbook,

You may also generate an Online Flipbook from this web page,

This is a Demo PDF product with Flipbook Preview,

2. Protect your PDF eBook from Copying and Sharing.

After a customer bought your PDF eBook, he may share this PDF eBook to others, in order to stop PDF printing, copying and sharing, you may use VeryUtils Cloud DocSafe to protect your PDF files, VeryUtils Cloud DocSafe is a PDF Protector Tool which use DRM technology to protect PDF files. VeryUtils Cloud DocSafe can be found on this web page,

You can test it from this web page,


You can use VeryUtils Cloud DocSafe to protect PDF files and stop printing, copying, sharing, distribution, save as, editing, etc. operations. You can also lock the PDF files to your customer's Hard Disk, if so, he purchased PDF files can only be opened on his computer only, even if he sends this PDF file to his friend, his friend can't open this PDF file anyway.


These powerful tools will help you to sell your PDF files on VeryUtils, increase the sales and protect your PDF files. You can able to earn more from your PDF E-books. So take action today and commit yourself.

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