PDF Copy Protection: How to lock a PDF file to a special hard disk?

We have received following questions from our users,

  • How to protect pdf file from copying?
  • How to lock a pdf so it cannot be copied?
  • How to encrypt a PDF file to ready only on a system?
  • How to lock a PDF file to block the email?
  • How to lock a PDF file to a special system?
  • PDF Copy Protection – Copy Protect PDF Files using DRM Security.
  • How do I protect a PDF to prevent file sharing?
  • How do I sell Secure PDF?
  • I want to sell my eBooks to people directly but stop them from sharing the files to their friends to avoid piracy. Is there any way to password protect a PDF file so that it can be opened in only 1 laptop?

These customers want to sell their PDF books, files, documents online with DRM copy protection, they want to protect their PDF files from piracy & theft regardless of their location.

Selling PDF books, files and documents online has obvious advantages. You can cut costs (no more printed copies to produce and distribute), help save the environment (no more paper), save time (distribution handled automatically by an ecommerce system), and reach new markets. The downside however is how do you protect electronic copies which by their very nature can be easily re-produced?

VeryUtils has released a Cloud DocSafe Web Application, this Web application using DRM technology to protect the PDF files, with this application, you can sell your PDF and Digital Documents Online Securely. Stop sharing, theft, piracy.

VeryUtils Cloud DocSafe Web Application can:

  • Lock a PDF file to a special hard disk, this PDF file can't be opened if it be copied to another system.
  • Stop unauthorized access.
  • Stop sharing and distribution.
  • Strong US Gov strength encryption, DRM and licensing controls.

VeryUtils Cloud DocSafe DRM PDF Protector can be purchased from this web page,


Please by following steps to test the capability of "Cloud DocSafe DRM PDF Protector" web application,

1. Please open this web page in web browser,


2. Please select a local PDF file or a PDF file on a remote server first,

3. Please open a CMD window, run following command line to get their Hard Disk Series Number,

wmic diskdrive get PNPDeviceID


If you want to sell a PDF file to your customer, please kind ask your customer to run this command line, and send his Hard Disk Series Number to you, you can protect the PDF file using his Hard Disk Series Number, the final PDF file will be read only on his Hard Disk.

4. Please enter the Hard Disk Series Number of "IDE\DISKHITACHI_ HTS725050A7E630 _________ ________ GH2ZB390\4& 15A50E0B&0&0.0.0" to the edit field of "Read only on Hard Disk ID", the DRM protected PDF file will read only on this hard disk,


5. You can set some other options, such as various PDF watermark options,


6. Click "Upload and Secure PDF" button, you will able to download a VPDF file after a few seconds,


7. You can download the Windows version of PDF Reader from this URL,


8. Now, you can view this VPDF file using VeryPDF PDF Reader, but you can only view this VPDF file on your system only, if you copy this VPDF file to another system, this VPDF file can't be opened any more.


9. If you are trying to open this VPDF file on another system, you will get following error message, you can't open this VPDF file on any other systems or hard disks.


10. Now, you have a DRM protected VPDF file, you can sell this VPDF file + VeryPDF PDF Reader to your customers easily, the DRM protected VPDF file is 100% safety.

PDF copy protection is one aspect of PDF security and PDF digital rights management and is the process of applying copy protection controls to PDF documents.  In PDF DRM systems it is used to:

  • Prevent users selecting and copying and pasting content into other applications.
  • Prevent printing and editing of content.
  • Lock PDFs to authorized devices to prevent users sharing protected PDF files.
  • Prevent users to forward the PDF files to their friends.
  • Lock the PDF files to customer's hard disk only, these PDF files can only be read on his system.
  • PDF documents are locked to authorized devices so they cannot be shared
  • Keys to unlock protected PDFs are transparently relayed to authorized devices and stored securely.
  • Content is only ever decrypted in memory.
  • Dynamic watermarks can be added to documents so that user information is displayed on viewed and/or printed content.
  • Documents can automatically expire after a given time and that you can manually revoke access no matter where PDF documents reside.
  • Document use can be logged so that any unusual behaviour can be detected and acted on – e..g. instantly revoking access.
  • PDFs can be locked to locations so documents cannot be used outside these locations.  For example, you may want users to be able to view protected PDF files on their tablet devices but only at the office.

If you have any question for this VeryUtils Cloud DocSafe Web Application, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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