PHP File Integrity Monitoring Software (FIM) protects sensitive information from malicious software

With relentless news about security breaches, file integrity monitoring (FIM) software has become an essential tool for any organization. It helps to improve data security, which is very important for any company and cannot be ignored.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is a basic security control measure that can be properly implemented to monitor and report any changes to the integrity of the system and configuration files. Maintaining integrity is key, because changes to files may indicate a malware infection.

Malware usually resides in executable files or has some way of triggering commands or code. The malware either embeds itself in an existing file or creates a new file that pretends to be a legitimate include file.


What is file integrity monitoring?
In contrast to other security measures, FIM solutions are specifically designed to monitor file changes. The software usually takes a "snapshot" of the system and then periodically compares it with the current state of the system. When it detects file changes that indicate unauthorized intrusion (such as sudden size changes or access by specific users), it can warn IT or take measures to minimize the threat.

Use file integrity checker to detect malware threats
Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) often access and modify local files. File integrity monitoring software can easily detect APT, malware and improve FIM security.

Alert on unauthorized changes
Alerts whether unauthorized changes to sensitive files and registry settings are caused by attacks or change management errors.

PHP File Integrity Monitoring Software is written in PHP, after you buy it, you will get full PHP source code, you can run it on your Linux and Windows Servers to monitor all files on your server.

You may buy PHP File Integrity Monitoring Software from this web page,


The first, you can run following command lines to make a "snapshot" for the folders that you want to monitor,

php file-integrity-checker.php listfiles=1 folder=/usr/home/veryutils/app
php file-integrity-checker.php listfiles=1 folder=/usr/home/veryutils/blog
php file-integrity-checker.php listfiles=1 folder=/usr/home/veryutils/demo

After that, you can run following command line to print a report for the monitored folders,

php file-integrity-checker.php verifyfiles=1

If some files be changed by malware, you will able to see "Change" information in the report easily.

PHP File Integrity Monitoring Software is written in PHP language, after you buy it, you can modify its source code easily, you can also run it on your Windows and Linux systems to monitor any folders periodically, if you have any question for this script, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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