VeryUtils File Manager is a powerful file management tool that allows you to host and share files on your own server

VeryUtils File Manager is a powerful file management tool that allows you to host and share files on your own server. It is a simple and flexible plug-and-play file manager that is easy to use and comes with plenty of options. Whether you need to send files to your customers, create new users with dedicated folders, or simply use it as your personal file cloud, VeryUtils File Manager can help you do it all.


One of the key features of VeryUtils File Manager is its easy installation process. All you need to do is copy all of the files to your server, do your first login, and update your password. It doesn't require a database or any coding skills, and it supports any language, including Right-to-Left options. It's also easy to customize, so you can tailor it to your specific needs and brand.

With VeryUtils File Manager, you can upload big files without worrying about your server's upload_max_filesize limit. It supports chunked file uploads with the HTML5 file API, making it easy to upload large files quickly and efficiently. You can also manage your files and folders with ease, thanks to the folder tree navigation, sortable items by name, date, and size, pagination, and group actions. You can download multiple files as .zip archives, move and copy files through directories, and delete files and folders. Server-side processed lists via Ajax provide quick and seamless updates.

In addition to file management, VeryUtils File Manager includes robust file sharing features. You can share files via e-mail form, set link expiration times, and enable password-protected links for added security. You can also preview images quickly, use inline thumbnails, and play audio and video files directly in the browser.


VeryUtils File Manager also provides detailed statistics on file usage. You can generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports and trend charts for date ranges. You can also export logs as .csv and set up optional e-mail notifications for any activity.

Finally, VeryUtils File Manager is fully internationalized, with multilanguage support, RTL support, and a translations editor. It comes with over 30 skins included, customizable logos, headers, and descriptions, and customizable alerts and e-mail HTML templates. The administration panel also comes with customizable color schemes, making it easy to match your brand's aesthetic.

Overall, VeryUtils File Manager is a powerful and flexible file management tool that can help you manage your files and users with ease. Whether you need to share files with customers or collaborate with team members, VeryUtils File Manager can help you get the job done. Its easy installation, chunked file uploads, and robust user management features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple and reliable file management solution.


VeryUtils File Manager Highlight Features:


• Folder tree navigation
• Rename Files and Folders
• Sortable items by name, date and size
• Pagination
• Download Folders
• Group actions
• Download multiple files as .zip archives
• Delete files and Folders
• Move files through directories
• Copy files through directories
• Server side processed lists via Ajax

• Multiple roles with custom permissions
• Assign one or more specific directories per user
• Optional Max available space per user
• User Sign Up (optional)
• User panel
• Profile picture & default avatars
• Password recovery
• Upload notifications between users
• E-mail notifications to new users

• Upload BIG files
• Remote uploader
• Pause / Resume
• Drag & drop uploader
• Multiple file uploading
• Upload progress

• E-Mail form
• Link expiration time
• Optional password protected links

• Quick image preview
• Inline thumbnails
• Audio player
• Video player

• Global search
• Quick search module
• Archive map navigation

• IP blacklist / whitelist
• Optional CAPTCHA security code for login and shared links
• Google reCAPTCHA
• Hotlinks prevented

• Daily / Weekly / Monthly reports
• Trend charts for date ranges
• Export logs as .csv
• Optional E-mail notifications for any activity

• Multilanguage (20+ included)
• RTL support
• Translations editor

• 30+ skins included
• Customizable Logo, Header, Description
• Customizable alerts
• Custom E-Mail HTML templates
• Custom administration panel color schemes

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