VeryUtils PHP Script for Ecommerce Shopping Platform and Online Ordering System

Ecommerce Shopping Platform - Online Ordering System

VeryUtils Online Ordering System is a user-friendly and efficient platform for businesses looking to establish an online presence and start selling their products online. This system is built using PHP and SQLite, making it a reliable and robust solution for e-commerce websites.


One of the key features of VeryUtils Online Ordering System is its intuitive and straightforward interface. It is easy for both businesses and customers to navigate, with clear categories and a simple process for adding items to the shopping cart and checking out. This makes it an ideal solution for small businesses that want to start selling online without the need for complex and expensive systems.

In addition to its ease of use, VeryUtils Online Ordering System also offers a range of advanced features to help businesses manage their online store. These include the ability to add and edit products, manage orders and customers, and track inventory. This means that businesses can easily keep track of their sales and make informed decisions about their products and pricing.

VeryUtils Online Ordering System is a reliable and user-friendly platform for businesses looking to sell their products online. Its intuitive interface, advanced features, and secure design make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small business owner just starting out in e-commerce or an established retailer looking to expand your online presence, VeryUtils Online Ordering System is a smart and cost-effective solution.

Demo Link:

Admin Login URL:

Default Admin Login Detail:
username: admin
password: admin123

The VeryUtils Online Ordering System is a web application that includes two main modules: the Admin Module and the Customer Module. The Admin Module is designed for business managers to manage and track products, inventory, and orders from customers. The Customer Module allows customers to browse and purchase products, adding items to their virtual shopping cart and completing orders. When a customer checks out, the system calculates a delivery fee and adds it to the total order cost, which will be payable when the order is delivered. This system also generates a simple sales report that can be printed out.

VeryUtils Online Ordering System is built using PHP and SQLite, and upon purchase, the full source code is provided for users to deploy on their own servers. This allows businesses to offer their products or services for online ordering through their website. This system is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small local shops to large corporations.

There are numerous benefits to using VeryUtils Online Ordering System. One major advantage is that it allows customers to place orders at any time, 24/7. This is especially useful for businesses with a large customer base that may not be able to visit the physical storefront during regular business hours. Additionally, the system allows businesses to offer a wider range of products or services to their customers. For example, a restaurant can offer a larger menu online than what can physically fit in the restaurant, and a retail store can offer a wider range of products for customers to shop from their own homes.

Online Ordering System highlight features:
* Easy order placement through website or mobile.
* Multiple payment methods supported.
* Order tracking and updates.
* Viewable order history.
* Customizable orders.
* Inventory management.
* Customer account management.
* Mobile compatibility.
* Detailed analytics and reporting.
* Based on PHP and SQLite, without depend on MySQL database.
* Cross Browser Compatibility.
* Responsive Layout.
* Thumbnail for Product.
* Support Unlimited Categories.
* Unlimited Products.
* 100% Customizable Shopping Cart.

Online Ordering System features for both Admin Side and Customer Side,

Admin Side:

* Secure Login/Logout
* Home Page
* Manage Category List
* Manage Delivery Charges/Fee per Location
* Manage Product List
* Manage Order List
* Manage Customer List
* Generate Printable Sales Report
* Manage System Users List
* Manage Account Credentials
* Logout

Customer Side:
* Secure Login and Registration
* Explore Products
* Search Products
* Filter Product by Categories
* Add Product to Shopping Cart
* Checkout
* List all Orders
* View Order Details
* Manage Account Credentials
* Logout

System Requirements:
* MySQL or SQLite

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