VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools and API for Java, .NET, C, C++, Python and JavaScript

VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools and API offer a range of professional and robust tools for modifying PDF files. These tools are based on our own PDF technology and come with a comprehensive manual to help users get the most out of them.

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One of the standout features of VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools is the ability to split and merge PDF files while keeping bookmarks intact. This can be particularly useful for organizing and reorganizing large PDF documents. Additionally, users can extract specific pages from a PDF, or split the document at specified bookmarks. All of these operations can be applied to a specific page range, such as pages 1-3, all pages from 1 to the end, or even pages 6 through 30 for odd numbered pages. There is also a new feature for collating pages, allowing users to rearrange the order of pages in a PDF.

Another useful feature is the ability to combine multiple operations into a single command. This can save time and effort when performing multiple actions on a PDF. There is also the option to impose files n-up, a helpful tool for creating professional looking documents. Users can also create entirely new PDFs, or convert text files to PDF format. In addition, VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools include a "losslessly squeeze" feature, which allows users to reduce the size of a PDF file without any loss of quality.

Security is a top priority for many users, and VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools offer strong encryption options, including AES 128 and AES 256. Users can also read and set various types of information and metadata from a PDF file, as well as set and read XMP metadata.

In terms of formatting and layout, VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools allow users to scale, rotate, crop, and flip pages, as well as scale pages to fit a specific page size. There are options for copying, adding, and removing bookmarks, and a feature for building a table of contents from bookmarks. Users can also stamp logos, shapes, watermarks, and multiline text onto PDF pages, with the option for transparency.

Annotations and attachments can also be added to and removed from PDFs, and users can extract attachments as needed. VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools also allow users to thicken hairlines, blacken text, and create draft documents. If a PDF file is malformed, the tools can reconstruct the file to make it usable again. Users can also detect missing fonts and low resolution images, remove images, and extract images from a PDF.

For printing purposes, VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools include a feature for adding printer's marks. Page labels can also be added, modified, removed, or printed. And for those who need to transfer PDF data to other formats, there is the option to export a PDF to JSON or import a PDF from JSON. Additionally, users can manipulate optional content groups in a PDF.

VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools are available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (other platforms upon request). API options are available for C/C++, Python, .NET, Java, and JavaScript. Comprehensive manuals and generous discounts on multiple or developer licenses are also provided.

Overall, VeryUtils PDF Command Line Tools and API offer a wide range of features for modifying PDF files, making them a valuable tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

PDF Command Line Tools: Split, Merge, Encrypt, Scale, Stamp, Bookmark, Add Text etc. Windows, Mac and Linux. Get Free Trial.

Java PDFTools (jpdftools.jar) Command Line,

Java PDF Toolkit (jpdfkit),

PDF Toolkit Command Line Tools & Utilities,

VeryUtils is a software development company that provides a range of products and services based on its PDF technologies. These products and services are designed to help businesses and individuals work with and manipulate PDF documents in various ways. Some of the features of VeryUtils' PDF technologies include the ability to edit, convert, and merge PDF files, as well as extract text and images from PDFs. VeryUtils also offers custom development services to help customers build solutions that meet their specific needs.

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