How to Print a Large Photo on Multiple A4 Papers and Stick them together to Make a Poster? How to do the Tiled Printing?

Normally, we need to print a photo in large size, which is larger than the "standard" A4 paper size of most printers. For example, if you print a high-resolution photo which taken from digital camera on a A4 paper, you may lack some details. Excellent digital photos can create beautiful wall posters, especially with the quality that can be captured by modern digital cameras and professional lenses. Such wall posters can impress any visitor, the most photo studios and printing centers will use some of them as part of the decoration.

However, poster printing is not the only reason we need paper larger than A4. It makes perfect sense that architectural design requires a larger printer, which is why such a plan is usually printed in a dedicated print studio, but other types of design work (such as Photoshop images) also require large paper. For example, hobbyists working in carpentry tend to transfer patterns from computers to wood for later carving or carving. Such transfer also requires large paper or at least many A4 pages.

Methods Of Converting A Photo For Tiled Printing
There are many ways to convert large photos and you can print them on many A4 pages, you can later stick them together or let them overlap to display the entire photo. Using a specialized image editing software such as Photoshop, one can create such conversion in around 5 minutes, if he is at least a bit knowledgeable of how it works. But Photoshop is an expensive software and seems like an overkill if the only thing you want to do is this kind of conversion.

VeryUtils has a PhotoSlicer software for big poster printing, you may by following steps to use it,

1. You may download and install PhotoSlicer software from this web page,

2. After you install it, you may run it and open the large photo that you want to do the Tiled Printing,


3. You may select A4 target paper size,


4. Set the overlapping size,


5. Define the final poster size,


6. You can click "Save" button to save the poster to a PDF file,


7. You can open the generated PDF file in Adobe Reader or VeryPDF PDF Editor software, and print it to physical printer with A4 paper,



8. You can print this PDF file to 6 pages of A4 paper, and then stick them together.

With PhotoSlicer software, you can enlarge and divide a single page image to print it out on multiple sheets of paper. You can make one large poster by joining these printouts together,

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