VeryUtils PDF Reader OCX is a Powerful and Royalty Free PDF Viewer ActiveX Control for Windows Developers

Are you looking for a reliable and feature-rich PDF viewer control for your Windows applications? Look no further! VeryUtils PDF Reader OCX, also known as VeryUtils PDF Viewer ActiveX Control, is the perfect solution for developers who need to integrate PDF viewing capabilities into their software applications. This royalty-free control supports various programming languages, including Visual Basic (VB6), Delphi, C++, C#, VB.NET, and more.


Key Features of VeryUtils PDF Viewer OCX Control (ActiveX):

1. Independent PDF Viewer: With VeryUtils PDF Viewer OCX, you don't need any other PDF application or component to view PDF files within your application. It provides a self-contained PDF viewer that can be seamlessly embedded into your software.

2. Support for All PDF Versions: This powerful control supports all versions of PDF formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of PDF files, including those created with the latest standards.

3. Full Control Over PDF Viewer: VeryUtils PDF Viewer OCX gives you complete control over the PDF viewer. You can customize various aspects of the viewer, such as navigation, zooming, page layout, and more, to provide the best user experience.

4. Easy Integration: Whether you're developing in Visual Basic, Delphi, C, C#, HTML (Internet Explorer), or any other ActiveX-compatible development environment, integrating VeryUtils PDF Viewer OCX into your project is a breeze. Its straightforward API and comprehensive documentation make it easy to use and implement.

5. Text Search Functionality: The control allows users to search for specific text within a PDF document. This feature is particularly useful when working with large PDF files or when searching for specific information.

6. Text Selection and Copying: Users can select and copy text from the PDF document to the clipboard, enabling easy extraction and reuse of text content.

7. Highlighting for Text Search: VeryUtils PDF Viewer OCX allows users to highlight regions of text that match their search queries. This visual highlighting feature helps users quickly locate relevant information within the document.

8. Object Destination Navigation: The control supports jumping to object destinations within the PDF document. This allows users to navigate to specific sections or points of interest with ease.

9. Document Outlines: VeryUtils PDF Viewer OCX can display document outlines, providing users with a hierarchical overview of the document's structure and allowing them to quickly navigate to different sections.

10. Flexible Page Navigation and Zooming: Users can scroll through PDF pages, zoom in or out, and choose from various layout modes such as Single Page, Facing, Continuous, Continuous Facing, and more. This gives users the flexibility to view PDFs according to their preferences.

11. Support for PDF Hyperlinks: VeryUtils PDF Viewer OCX fully supports PDF hyperlinks, allowing users to navigate to external web pages, email addresses, or other locations referenced within the PDF document.

VeryUtils PDF Reader OCX (PDF Viewer ActiveX Control) is an excellent choice for developers who require a reliable and customizable PDF viewer for their Windows applications. With its extensive set of features, easy integration, and support for multiple programming languages, this control empowers developers to enhance their software with robust PDF viewing capabilities. Experience the convenience and flexibility of VeryUtils PDF Reader OCX and provide your users with a seamless PDF viewing experience.

Note: VeryUtils PDF Reader OCX is a commercial product. To obtain the control and explore its full potential, please visit the VeryUtils website and inquire about licensing options.

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