How to use VeryUtils PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Converter Command Line to convert PDF to flipbook that display on iPad, iPhone and Android systems?

We know the Flipbook works smoothly on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android systems. You can drag the page corner to flip the book page quickly. This action makes us feel that we are reading a realist book. If you have a PDF file, you want to read this PDF file in Flipbook method, how do you do that? How to convert this PDF file to a Flipbook so it can be read on your mobile phone, tablet and Mac systems in Flipbook mode?

VeryUtils has a PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Command Line software, you may download the trial version from this web page,

You can also look at a demo page from this URL,

PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Converter Command Line software provides useful function like batch convert and command line mode. With this software, you are allowed to convert your various PDFs to HTML5 Flipbook files on the fly. The Command Line application allows you to execute the conversion in the background. It is said that PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Converter Command Line software is much competitive and multifunctional to meet your needs.

Simple And Fast
Never before was it this easy to create a eye-catching publications. Just run the command line to convert your PDF file to Flipbook and share with everybody.

Read on Any Device
Create life-like digital in HTML5 which work on nearly mobile devices, including iphone, ipad, Android phones, Android tablets. View it anywhere, anytime, online or offline.

PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Command Line software highlight features:
* Convert PDF file into HTML5 Flipbook file.
* Accurately preserves Text, Tables, Graphics & Layout.
* Supports command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts).
* Does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software.
* Conversion of vector graphics into image files.
* Automatically resize pictures to fit frame borders.
* Optimize and scale HTML code for different screen resolutions.
* Easy to use stand-alone application.
* Supports multiple document conversions (Batch Processing).
* Converts outer fonts into text and embedded fonts into images.
* Supports drag and drop files and batch conversion.

How to convert a PDF file to HTML5 Flipbook from Command Line? OK, please refer to the following steps,

1. Please download PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Command Line software from this web page,

2. After you download it, please unzip it to a folder, because it's a Command Line application, so you need run a CMD window first and then run pdf2flip.exe from this CMD window.

Please go to "start" -> "Run" and type "command" or "cmd" command, press "Enter" key, you will able to launch a DOC window, then you can run pdf2flip.exe command line applications in this DOS window.


3. You can simple run following command line to convert test.pdf to HTML5 Flipbook file,

pdf2flip.exe test.pdf out\


4. You will get a folder which contains generated files after a few seconds, please open that folder, and open index.html file in web browser, you will able to view Flipbook file properly.


The demo version contains a demo watermark in generated HTML5 image pages, after you purchase the software from this web page,

you will receive your license key, please pass this license key to pdf2flip.exe by -$ parameter, the demo watermark will be removed from generated image files,

pdf2flip.exe -$ XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX D:\in.pdf D:\out\

You can run pdf2flip.exe on your Windows server, or call pdf2flip.exe from your PHP, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ASP, etc. program languages, then you can batch convert your PDF files to HTML5 Flipbook files and publish them to your web server easily, your customers will able to view these Flipbooks on their mobile phones, tablets and computers.

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