VeryUtils Royalty Free Virtual PDF Printer for Windows 10 and 11 Developers

The VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer is a powerful tool designed for Microsoft Windows developers that allows them to easily generate PDF documents from virtually any Windows application. Whether you're working on Windows 10 or the latest Windows 11, this virtual printer seamlessly integrates into your development workflow, providing a hassle-free solution for generating PDFs.


With a wide range of features and capabilities, the VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer offers exceptional functionality for developers. Let's take a closer look at some of its highlight features:

1. Print to PDF from almost any Windows program: The Virtual PDF Printer enables you to convert documents from various applications into PDF format with ease. Whether it's a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, or any other printable file, this printer can handle it.

2. Supports 64-bit operating systems: The Virtual PDF Printer is fully compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, ensuring smooth operation on modern systems.

3. Direct output control: You have the flexibility to specify the destination of the PDF output. Whether you want to save it to the same file every time or prompt the user to choose the destination, the printer provides convenient options to suit your needs.

4. Programmable control: Gain programmatic control over the output and prompts of the printer. This allows you to customize the behavior of the printer based on your application's requirements.

5. Unattended setup: The installation process of the Virtual PDF Printer can be executed in an unattended mode, simplifying the deployment for your software.

6. Password protection and encryption: Ensure the security and integrity of your PDF documents with password protection and encryption. The printer supports AES 256/128-bit
encryption, as well as standard 128/40-bit encryption.

7. Quality settings: Customize the quality settings of the PDF document for different purposes, such as screen viewing, printing, e-books, or prepress requirements.

8. Document properties and watermarks: Set various document properties, including author, title, subject, and keywords. You can also add watermarks with text, size, rotation, and transparency options.

9. Advanced document handling: The Virtual PDF Printer allows you to superimpose or background documents, as well as append or prepend documents, giving you greater control over the final output.

10. Seamless integration: The printer offers a user-friendly graphical user interface, making it easy to navigate and configure settings.

11. PDF/A-1b support: Ensure long-term storage and archiving of your PDF documents with PDF/A-1b support, a standard for preservation.

12. Digital certificate signing: Sign PDF documents using digital certificates to establish authenticity and integrity.

13. Command line interface and API: Access all the settings and functionality of the Virtual PDF Printer through the command line interface or the COM/ActiveX interface for programmatic control. It also provides a Microsoft .NET API for easy integration into C#, VB.NET, and other .NET development projects.

14. Compatibility with Citrix MetaFrame and Windows Terminal Server: The printer supports Citrix MetaFrame and Windows Terminal Server environments, enabling seamless usage in these setups.

15. Multiple output types supported: The Virtual PDF Printer supports various output formats, including EMF, WMF, XPS, BMP, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PNG, and TIFF, giving you the flexibility to generate files in the format that suits your needs.

16. File upload capabilities: Upload documents using FTP or SFTP protocols directly from the printer, streamlining your workflow.

17. Print to searchable PDF: Generate searchable PDF documents by converting text into searchable content during the printing process.

18. Print to image or text: In addition to PDF, the printer allows you to print documents as images (BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG) or plain text in different encodings (ANSI, UTF-8, or Unicode).

19. Print job management: Enjoy extensive control over print jobs, including document modification and canceling of print tasks.

20. Watermarking and receipt parsing: Add watermarks to documents with customizable configuration options. The printer also supports the ESC/POS receipt parser, making it suitable for virtual POS printer applications.

21. Early Access and N-Up feature: Benefit from early access to converted files as soon as the user initiates the printing process. Additionally, the N-Up feature allows printing multiple pages per sheet, optimizing paper usage.

22. OAuth v2.0 support: The printer supports OAuth v2.0 authentication, ensuring secure and reliable integration with external services.

23. Multilanguage interface: Enjoy a multilanguage user interface, making it accessible to developers worldwide.

24. MSI installer with full source code: The Virtual PDF Printer comes with an MSI installer and full source code, providing a convenient installation process and customization options.

If you're a software developer, the Custom Virtual Printer SDK offered by VeryUtils will be a valuable resource for your development needs. The SDK empowers you to:

1. Generate output in standard raster or vector formats from your program or any other software application intended for producing printing forms. Supported output formats include EMF, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and plain text in different encodings.

2. Redirect print jobs to other printers, allowing simultaneous saving in a set format (PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, TXT) and physical printing on a hardware printer.

3. Modify virtual-printed documents before sending them for actual printing, enabling further customization and enhancements.

4. Import documents from other applications and convert them to your desired format using the EMF format.

The VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer is royalty-free, meaning that the fee you pay for the virtual printer is the only expense. There are no consecutive royalties, allowing you to use the printer with your applications without any additional fees. The source code is also available for purchase, allowing for further customization and code modifications.

So, how does the Virtual Printer work in practice? Here's a step-by-step overview:

1. The user prints a document to the Virtual PDF Printer from any application.

2. The virtual printer intercepts the print job and saves each printed page as an EMF file.

3. The virtual printer converts the EMF files to the specified output format, saving them in the current user's temporary directory or a specified output directory.

4. The virtual printer creates an INI file containing print job information and paths to the generated files.

5. The virtual printer transfers the path of the INI file to a specified application using one of three transfer modes: command line transfer mode, WM_COPYDATA transfer mode, or named pipe transfer mode.

6. Your application receives the INI file, allowing you to perform any final actions required, such as moving files or transferring them. Once you're finished, remember to delete the files from the output directory.

Getting started with the VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer is easy:

1. Visit the following web page to download the program:

2. Run the setup program, which will install the printer on your system. You will find a printer named "VeryUtils PDF Printer" ready for use in your other applications.

Uninstalling the program is also straightforward. You can use the Add or Remove Programs feature in Microsoft Windows to remove the Virtual PDF Printer from your system.

The VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer is a comprehensive solution for Windows 10 and 11 developers who need to generate PDF documents from their applications. With its wide range of features, seamless integration, and royalty-free licensing, it provides a powerful toolset for creating PDFs with ease. Whether you're a software developer or a user looking to enhance your document workflow, the VeryUtils Virtual PDF Printer is a valuable asset to consider.

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