Using VeryUtils PDF Form to HTML5 Web Form Converter to Display PDF as HTML Form and Publish Interactive PDF to web forms

I want display a PDF as an html page, where the user will be allowed to enter the fillable data. My problem is not how to import/fill data (I was able to do it using FDF/XML data format). My only concern is how to show it to the user so that he/she can see the form, fill/edit data, and should be done with it.

I tried saving the PDF as an image file, and showing it as an background-image - but it was very crude! - I am hoping that there should be some elegant solution.

Thanks for you help!
Above question was sent from a customer, he want to fill the fillable PDF forms in web page directly and without require Adobe Reader installed in the user's system. Fortunately, VeryUtils PDF Form to HTML5 Form Converter is a product which can 100% meet this customer's requirement. VeryUtils PDF Form to HTML5 Web Form Converter can be tested from this web page,

PDF form filling using AcroForm is an important part of many workflows. It allows data entry directly on print ready media with ability to import, export, submit or email data for further processing. By running VeryUtils PDF Form to HTML5 Fillable Form SDK on backend PDF Form can be populated with filled data, flattened or even signed.


Automated PDF Form Filling in Web Browser.
"VeryUtils PDF Form to HTML5 Fillable Form SDK" conversion brings unique experience of form filling directly in the browser with full support of AcroForm technology including JavaScript support. This allows new level of PDF Form processing and workflows without need of having PDF Readers installed on computer or even on a mobile device.

Converted HTML form contains Text fields, Dropdowns, List boxes, Radio buttons, Checkboxes and can be submitted like any other HTML form.

With unique support of document and form field JavaScript, "VeryUtils PDF Form to HTML5 Fillable Form SDK" produces ready-to-use HTML that enables PDF manipulation, form fields value formatting, calculations, validations or custom scripts known from the desktop PDF viewers.

PDF Form conversion to HTML using "VeryUtils PDF Form to HTML5 Fillable Form SDK" allows adding JavaScript, CSS or other content directly into HTML to enrich form filling experience, additional content and functionality.

PDF files provide support for interactive forms using 2 different technologies (FDF and XFA). Browsers are no longer able to display these files but VeryUtils can convert both formats into HTML5 forms making it possible to continue using PDF forms in a web Browser.

The Online PDF Forms to HTML5 converter is an online service to convert single PDF files into standalone HTML5 with interactive forms.

The conversion is done by the server application VeryUtils, running on customers cloud or physical servers. VeryUtils can be run from any Computer language as a simple micro-service to convert PDF Forms to HTML5. VeryUtils is for customers who want to convert many PDF files to HTML5 automatically as part of their workflow.

VeryUtils includes a large number of optimizations not in the online converter, including the ability process lots of PDF forms and much more control over the conversion process.

You may test Online PDF form to HTML5 Form Filler function from this web page,

You may click "Live Demo" button to open a web page for Online PDF form to HTML5 Form Filler web application, in this web application, you can upload a fillable PDF file or enter a URL to a fillable PDF file on the internet,


Click "Fill PDF Forms" button, your PDF file will be converted to HTML5 fillable forms, then you can fill the data into forms online,


after you finish the filling, you may click "Save PDF" or "Save FDF" or "Save CSV" or "Save Web" buttons to save the filled data to a PDF file, FDF file, CSV file or save into database. After you subscribe this Online application, this web application will able to call your web application, and post the filled data to your web application, your web application could receive the data and process the data continue, such as "save to database" or "send an email to user" or something else.


If you have any question or if you need any special functions for this Online PDF Form to HTML5 Web Form Converter application, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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