PCL Printer Emulator

I have a motor test device, its not a computer, its more like an oscilloscope, it has 1 usb port, it is connected to PCL printer to print.

I want to eliminate the printer, and use something to emulate the printer and connect it to the device. So when I "print" something from the device, I generate a PDF, or JPEG or similar, to upload to the cloud.

How can I do this?

We have a "Virtual Printer Based on PCL Printer Driver" product, you may download this product from following web page to try,


This is a Virtual Printer which based on a PCL Printer Driver, after you install it to your Windows system, you can print any documents to this PCL Printer, and save to Postscript, PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG, etc. formats, after that, you can upload these documents to cloud easily.

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