How to convert video to animated GIF with VeryUtils Video Editor software [High Quality]?

VeryUtils Video Editor is a Best Video to GIF image Converter. It supports Converting all popular video file formats to GIF images. You can highly customize your GIF images with elements, animations, text, overlays.

GIF images can convey a lot of information, so they are increasingly popular among users. Therefore, GIF is a useful solution when you cannot accommodate heavy video in your project, but want to provide more accurate visual information.

Converting video clips to GIF is the easiest way to make GIF. If you still feel that the GIF file is too large, then cutting the GIF is also a good choice. VeryUtils Video Editor is a best gif video production tools that can be used to make animated GIF from video files.

VeryUtils Video Editor highlight features:
* Video to GIF : convert local and Cloud videos to GIFs.
* Shooting GIF : take a new Video and convert to GIF.
* YouTube Videos to GIF : convert YouTube video to GIF and you can share with friends.
* Photos to GIF : you can select from 15 Photo effect templates and easily, quickly export to GIF.
* Live Photo to GIF : turn Live Photos into GIFs.
* Burst Photos to GIF.
* Animated Text : creates GIF from custom text with provided animation templates.
* Album : share the GIF image with friends via iMessages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Dropbox.
* Save GIF as Video.
* Edit: reverse, rotate, change the quality of GIF image.
* A very simple tool that can be easily used by anyone.
* It allows you to convert long video to gif.
* The interface has just steps, extract, and create a video to gifs.
* The file types supported are AVI, GIF, mp4, MPEG, WAV and more.
* You can change the height and width of the individual frame.
* You can select the playback speed.

Please use following steps to convert a Video file to animated GIF file,

1. Please download and install VeryUtils Video Editor from this web page,

2. After you install the software, you may open a Video file in VeryUtils Video Editor, then you can export it to an animated GIF file easily,


3. You can adjust the speed for animated GIF by "Frames/sec" option easily,


4. You can click "Export File" button to extract this Video file to GIF file properly.

5. You can play the Animated GIF file in Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer.


You can download and enjoy Video to GIF software from our website directly, if you encounter any problem with it, please feel free to let us know,

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