Barcode Recognition COM/SDK is a Barcode Scanner SDK, it's for Microsoft Windows allows you to read barcode symbols from PHP, C, C++, C#, VB6, VB.NET, Java, Delphi and other programming languages which support dynamic library loading, COM or .NET. By using our barcode api you will be able to integrate barcode reading functionality into your application within several hours or even less. Tools, information, and sample applications are provided to help you integrate high performance barcode recognition functionality into your application or solution.

Add to your document processing applications the ability to read and decode more than 20 industrial 1D barcode types (including Patch Code) in more than 20 document formats, including Bitmap, Metafile and PDF.

Rapidly Implement Powerful Barcode Scanning in your Application. VeryPDF's Barcode Reader SDK enables you to efficiently embed barcode reading functionality in your web, desktop or mobile application using just a few lines of code. This can save you months of added development time and extra costs. With our Barcode Reader SDK, you can create high-speed and reliable barcode scanner software to meet your business needs.

Barcode Reader SDK is a highly accurate and powerful developer library which recognizes 1-D and 2-D barcodes from digital images and bitmaps. Using this SDK you can integrate barcode recognition functionality into your software products. The following image formats are supported: BMP, JPG, PNG TIF, multipage TIF and PDF (Portable Document Format). The unique and fast barcode recognition algorithm detects and recognize barcodes in any position and orientation from your images.

The core of Windows Edition is written in C and C++ for performance. The library is also wrapped for use with .NET, PHP and Java.

Main features:

  • Recognizes linear barcodes (including Patch Code) in more than 90 different image formats including PDF.
  • Detects multiple barcodes from black & white, grayscale, paletized and color images.
  • Returns the string value of each barcode recognized.
  • Detects nearly 20 industrial 1D barcode types.
  • Detects barcode on a full page or on a region of interest.
  • AnyCPU: available in 32 bit & 64 bit versions.
  • Can work in multi-thread applications.
  • Supported barcode types,
    • 1D Barcodes: Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Patch Code, EAN13, EAN8, UPC-A, UPC-B, Plus 2, Plus 5, Intelligent Mail, Planet.
    • 2D Barcodes: Data Matrix, PDF417, QRCode, MicroQR
  • Fast, accurate, and reliable barcode detection, reading, and writing for use in any application or environment.
  • Read barcodes of any quality at any orientation and rotation angle.
  • Multithreaded support for running barcode in high-performance, server-based applications.
  • Supports color and bitonal (black and white) images.
  • Easy to integrate into any application with only a few lines of code.
  • Return recognized barcodes with 100% confidence.
  • Automated image cleanup, Deskew, Undither, Omnidirectional noise removal.
  • Support Barcode Image Pre-processing, include Erode, Adaptive Binarization, Despeckle.
  • Processes low resolution and dithering images.
  • Read Barcodes and QR Code from Images - PDF, Tiff, JPEG and more.
  • Multi-thread barcode processing.
  • Reads multiple barcodes in one image.
  • Decodes barcodes from out-of-focus, blurred images.
  • Reads barcodes from low-quality images with preprocessing.
  • VeryPDF's barcode reader library supports scanning barcodes from:
  • Various image file formats (bmp, jpg, png, gif, and tiff).
    • Supports multipage TIFF files.
    • Single-page and multi-page PDF.
    • Device-independent bitmap (DIB) formats which can be obtained from cameras or scanners.
  • Works offline without Internet connection required.
  • Royalty free Developer License and Server License.
  • Extremely easy to use in any software environment: Visual C++, Visal Basic, VB .NET, C#, etc.
  • Includes sample source code for C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Script, etc.
  • Can be used in any ActiveX container (IE, Word, Excel, etc.) and can display the image and decoding results.
  • Any location on a page, in a file, or in specified area.
  • Sample projects for all major development environments.
  • Fast, Easy Integration. Maximum flexibility to incorporate into your existing application.
  • .NET Barcode Reader SDK for C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET.

Solutions for managers

  • BarCode Reader is pre-introduced into POS-prepared Elo Tablet by Elo Touch. Elo Tablet clients have a nice method to decipher direct, QR Code and differently standardized identifications ideal from a live implicit camera.
  • In Banking, Barcode Generator SDK can arrange your reports with a standardized identification classifier containing all the fundamental labels and classifications. With our Barcode Reader SDK this data can be effectively assembled back notwithstanding for vast number of reports, making the arranging and seeking forms considerably speedier.
  • In Hardware industry, track your gear constant utilizing our Barcode Reader SDK. Note that it is equipped for perusing scanner tags from camera streams, making it perfect to use its abilities in a tablet or other convenient gadget.
  • In Financial Technologies, you can recognize and process each scanner tag on your records. You can even associate it with a camera live stream to examine standardized identifications on-the-fly.

Runtime Environment

  • Windows Desktop OS: Windows XP, SP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and higher
  • Windows Server: 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 and higher
  • Virtual Machine, Cloud Deployment (including Amazon EC2, Azure VM and Azure Web Apps)
  • Web Server. Works with Web API Barcode Reader

Runtimes and Supported Programming languages

  • Native API library Windows (SDTBarcode.dll): C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi
  • .NET library (SDTBarcode.Net.dll): Managed C++, C#, VB.NET
  • COM (SDTBarcode.Net.dll/SDTBarcode.Net.tlb): C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Delphi, VB script, Java script, etc.
  • Java library Windows(sdt-barcode-windows.jar): Java

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