Commission Fee

VeryUtils Merchant Commission Fee

Our risk free model makes it easy for you to get started. Join us to power your global online business.

VeryUtils Merchant Fee is: 12.5% - 22% (minimum $3) per successful sale.

The amount you earn for every sale is calculated by taking the Item Price and deducting our Merchant Fee.

We don't require the Exclusive Contract from merchants, the Merchant Fee Schedule is based on the sales in the previous month. You can contact us to apply for our discounted merchant rates when you meet a qualifying calendar monthly sales volume and keep your account in good standing order.

Check the table below for more Merchant Fee information:

Total sales in the previous month VeryUtils Merchant Commission Fee
$0 22%
$1500 20.50%
$3000 19.00%
$4500 17.50%
$6000 16.00%
$7500 14.50%
$9000 12.50%

VeryUtils Digital Assets Trading Platform features:

  • Free sign-up, no hidden fees, low rate.
  • No contract commitment, full feature access.
  • No requires to "Exclusive" or "Non-Exclusive" contract.
  • Instantly global, automatic localization.
  • Sell instantly in 200 countries / territories.
  • Scale up for international growth.
  • Sell any type of digital products.
  • Access to recurring billing.
  • We are responsible for SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Adwords, etc. advertising.
  • We provide some customized plans to improve your sales.
  • Paid search, social media advertising and display advertising to Increase Traffic to Your Digital Products.
  • Use social media channels to promote Your Digital Products, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
  • Optimizing of the content of Your Digital Products for search engines.
  • Write more articles to include Long-tail keywords for web searches.
  • Write articles for LinkedIn to improve products.
  • Build a community to start a conversation between you and others.
  • Improve your products for video marketing.
  • Provide Affiliate System to improve the sales to Your Digital Products.
  • We will provide the best service to you.