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Invest & Make Profits with VeryUtils and VeryUtils's software projects.

You now have the opportunity to invest in the shares of VeryUtils company or its software projects, which have the potential to bring you substantial profits.

Over the years we have sought for financing and resources through various means to attain the capacity to develop our products in shorter times and to market them aggressively and effectively. We offer investors an opportunity own a equity in our company or profit share in our software projects. We seek serious investors / backers to provide capital to cover for running overheads, development and marketing of our software products.

Investment Options:

1. In exchange for equity:

This gives the investor a share of the profits / dividends on all our current and future products and services. The investor share holding will enable them participate in decision making processes proportionally to their percentage of equity in the company. Returns and dividends disbursements shall be as per formal accounting procedures and rules.

This offer will be closed as soon as the allocated equity for investment is bought which is 35% share in the company. This option also has a higher investment minimum compared to the option 2 below. Share value and other documents will be provided upon enquiry.

2. Profit share on project:

This gives the investor a share of the profits (after expenses) generated from the sales of the product. Returns are a percentage of the investor's contribution vs the total expenditure on product development and marketing of the project.

This investment opportunity is expected to bring in immediate returns as soon as the product starts generating revenue / profits and will last for the lifetime of product. This offer will be closed as soon as the project budgeted amounts are reached. Project budgets and other documents will be provided upon enquiry.

3. Full Acquisition:

A full acquisition of VeryUtils's website, products, and technology, integrating them into your parent company to rapidly expand your product portfolio.

We welcome any form of investment and collaboration. If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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