How To Watermark Photos using VeryUtils Image Watermark Software?

VeryUtils Image Watermark is a Windows Software which can batch watermark thousands of photos quickly. With this software, you can put text to photo, insert logo, add shape, add caption or combination of these. You can watermark photos offline. Save watermark templates for later use.

VeryUtils Photo Watermark is an application for personal use or company use that can add digital watermarks to all your images, photos and pictures with the transparency you decide. Ideal for users who want to capture, watermark and share their photographs quickly and easily. With this app you can simply create your own watermark.

VeryUtils Image Watermark is the easiest app to add watermark to your photos to build your brand and protecting your photos offline.

Please by following steps to use VeryUtils Image Watermark to protect your photos,

1. Please download and install VeryUtils Image Watermark from this web page,

2. After you install the software, please run it, select the source image file that you want to add a watermark to it,


3. Add a Text watermark,


4. Add an Image watermark if you want,


5. Add a shape (Rectangle or Ovel) watermark if you want,


6. Add a Caption to Image file if you want,


7. Click "Preview" button to preview the image with Text, Image, Shape, Caption watermarks,


8. If you are feel OK with the preview image, you can click "Start" button to add these watermarks to your images, you can also add more images into the file list, then you can add watermarks to all of these images at one time,


9. You can open the final image file in Image Viewer application, you will able to see the watermarks in the final photos properly.


With VeryUtils Image Watermark Software, you can add watermarks to photos easily before you share them to others, for example, before you send a photo image of your Identify Card, Driver License, Passport, Residence Card, etc. to others, you can use this software to add some copyright information as watermarks to these photos easily.

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