Introducing the XML Sitemap Generator for Google plugin, the ultimate solution for your website's sitemap generation needs. With this powerful plugin, you can easily generate an XML sitemap that adheres to Google's recommendations, ensuring that your website is properly crawled and indexed by search engines.

Not only does this plugin support multiple languages and generate sitemaps for all of them, but it also offers the flexibility to enable or disable sitemaps for individual feeds such as products, categories, and info pages. You can also set priority and change frequency for each feed to optimize crawling and indexing of your website.

With the XML Sitemap Generator for Google plugin, you can rest assured that all links prohibited from indexing will not be included in the sitemap, as it automatically filters them based on your website's robots.txt file.

This plugin is highly customizable and can be easily configured to your liking.
You can even set it to run via Cron for automated sitemap generation. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually creating sitemaps and let this plugin do the heavy lifting for you!

Plugin XML Sitemap Generator for Google:
  • Creates a sitemap according to the recommendations of Google!
  • Supports multilanguage and generates a sitemap considering multiple language versions!
  • Supports index file and attachments in case of exceeding address limits of more than 50,000!
  • Does not place in the sitemap the links prohibited from indexing, placed in the robots.txt file!
  • Has settings and can be run by Cron!


  • Upload the archive through the "Extension Installer"
  • On the modifications tab, click "Refresh"
  • On the modules page, enable this module

Setting and additional options

  • You can choose which sitemaps to create.
  • To create a sitemap manually, you need to click on the "Generate sitemap" button.
  • For each sitemap, you can specify parameters:

-       "Priority". The priority of URLs relative to other URLs on your site. Allows you to tell search engines which pages, in your opinion, are more important for crawlers and determine the order of URL processing within the site;

-       "Frequency" (changefreq). The likely frequency of changes to this page. This value provides general information to search engines and may not accurately reflect the frequency of crawling of this page.

  • Cron setup:

-       From the "Cron link" block, copy the link to the control panel of your hosting (for example, cPanel).

  • Multilanguage settings:

-       On / off adding language codes to the address bar of the site (turning it off will be useful if there is already another module that does this);

-       On / off multilingual links in the sitemap itself (if off, only the default language will be used).

  •  Ability to select the location of the language code in the address bar (subdirectories, subdomains).
  • Language codes are picked up automatically.
  • Supports custom language codes, this will allow synchronization of language codes (links in the sitemap) with other modules that use them.


Everything is ready to go :-)

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XML Sitemap Generator for Google

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