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PDF Software

How to generate simple PDF invoice using FPDF library?

Today we will learn about generating the invoice in PDF using FPDF library. FPDF provides the PHP classes to generate PDF. It may be useful for generate the invoice in PDF, download product description in PDF etc. for e-commerce websites.

First we download the FPDF zip file from the and upload it on server at root directory.

Then set the PDF generator button at your page as per your requirement. In this case we set the invoice button at order history information for particular order to generate invoice for particular order.


Then after getting the order details we added the PDF generator code in invoice controller by including the FPDF class file and using it’s function.


Then for iterating the products and total of the order we can iterate the cell of document.


Output will be :


PDF Software

PDFCompressor-CL – Command Line Application – Optimize and Compress PDF’s

PDFCompressor-CL is a command line application based on our PDFCompressor component and serves to optimize and compress PDFs. Depending on the settings and content, PDF files can therefore be reduced many times over.


PDFCompressor-CL Features:

  • Command line application.
  • Compress PDF files many times depending on the initial situation and settings.
  • Multithreading / parallel processing ensures high processing throughput.
  • Processes – PDF single files, lists of text files, folders, and entire folder structures.
  • Configuration via user interface.
  • Compression profiles (as XML) for managing the configuration settings (New, Copy, Rename, Delete, Import, Export (Single, All).
  • Removed – unused pages, unused names, invalid bookmarks, invalid links, etc..
  • ZIP compression of all PDF resources.
  • Optimizing the color depth of images.
  • Image Compression Change – Color, Grayscale, Black & White – LZW, RLE, JPEG, ZIP, JPEG-2000, TIFF Gr.4, JBIG-2.
  • Reduce images – Convert images to new target resolution separately for color, grayscale, black & white configurable.
  • Many setting options for JPEG, JPEG-2000, JBIG-2 compression.
  • Lossless and lossy compression on JPEG-2000 and JBIG-2 configurable
  • Logging.


Smaller PDF Files Without Compromise

The Lossless PDF Compressor performs rearrangements and optimizations of the existing structure of a PDF file to reduce its size. Reductions range from none to 80% in tests. The reduction depends on how the file was produced, and what it contains. It works best on files with text and vector content, rather than bitmap scans.

Unlike other PDF compressors, Lossless PDF Compressor:

  • will not resample, reduce, or alter your images in any way
  • will not prevent your PDF file from being edited afterward
  • will not remove bookmarks, outlines, or other metadata

Lossless PDF Compressor preserves your document entirely, and conforms to the Adobe/ISO specification for PDF.

PDF Software

Best PDF To WORD Converter software

PDF To MS Doc Converter has following functions,

  • Editable - Edit Your PDF Documents In MS WORD.
  • High Quality - Keep ALL Text and Graphic Data.
  • Easily - Convert PDF documents To WORD Format Just In Only 3 Clicks.
  • Decryption - Auto Decrypt Restricted PDF docs To WORD Format.
  • Batch Mode - Convert HUNDREDS of PDF Documents at One Time.

PDF to Word Converter home page,

PDF to Word Converter screenshot,


How To Use - Tutorial

(1) Add PDF files you want to convert.
(2) Set Page Range and output path.
(3) Click the Start Converting Now button to start converting.

PDF To WORD Converter Key Features

  • Convert PDF to MS WORD: Convert PDF to Doc format, you can edit PDF content in MS WORD.
  • No Need Microsoft WORD Installed: The converter can convert PDF to MS WORD without Microsoft WORD installed.
  • Auto Decryption: The program will decrypt Restricted PDF files to WORD docs automatically.
  • Full Conversion: This converter will not only convert text, but also keep all PDF graphic information into WORD result file.
  • Easy To Use: With the converter, you can convert PDF documents to WORD in only 3 Clicks.
  • Fast Conversion: The program conversion engine is 170% faster than other PDF converters.
  • Batch Mode: You can convert Hundreds of PDF documents to WORD DOC files with batch mode.

PDF To Word Converter Software

The PDF To Word Converter is a software tool designed for Windows users. It is the tool you need to convert your PDF files to a MS Word Doc format. It is extremely quick, user-friendly and thorough. Anybody who has to do several PDF to Word format conversions should download this application right now. With just a few clicks it will do what you want. Even when PDF files are encrypted, the PDF To Word Converter does its work efficiently. It is a handy tool that will decrypt any restricted PDF document and transform it to a functional Word format document.

Another amazing fact about this Windows application is that it can do batch conversions. Instead of converting one file at a time, you will be able to use its Batch Mode to convert several PDFs to a MS Word Doc format. So it will save your time. In addition, the PDF To Word Converter is able to alter scanned PDF files. Files with this format consist of images rather than texts. However, the PDF To Word Converter has a built-in English OCR engine which could convert the scanned PDF files to plain text. However, the built-in OCR engine could only work for scanned PDF files in English language. If you need to OCR scanned PDF files in other languages, please try PDF OCR.

How to Convert a PDF File to a Word File?

1. Download PDF To Word Converter - Simply visit PDF To Word Converter Download Page and follow simple instructions.

2. Carry out the Installation process - As you do with all other downloads, double-click your downloaded file (pdf2word.exe) to trigger the installation process.

3. Run your file - No special knowledge is needed to do this as an interface with instructions will appear. Simply follow them.

4. Place files on the File list by clicking either Add Folder Button or Add Button. The options will enable you to select and add one or several PDF files from a given folder to the converter file list.

5. Create your Output Path by clicking the Browse button. This will show you the folder path where your newly converted Word Doc files will go to.

6. Begin the conversion procedure - Just by clicking the Start Converting Now button, the process of conversion will start.

After doing the above-mentioned steps carefully and correctly, wait for the converter tool to do its perfect work. If you still have doubt, here are the advantages of getting this Windows application.

- It is editable and so it will allow you to alter your PDF files in MS Word

- The tool preserves all graphic and text content during the conversion process

- The process of converting PDF files to Word format documents is idiot-proof

- The tool decrypts encrypted PDF files automatically and then converts them to Word.

- It offers a Batch Mode that enables the user to convert hundreds of files at a time

Besides being a quick and user-friendly tool, this PDF To Word Converter tool does not need you to install MS Word first so it can do its work. So, just download it now.

PDF Software

Convert PDFs to Word, Never re-type another document

You can use PDF to Word Converter to convert PDFs to Word documents, never re-type another document.

A common frustration for office workers and other employees is spending too much time re-creating PDF documents, especially when it comes to PDF-to-Word conversions.

For example, imagine you just received a new contract from a vendor partner via email. You need to make some changes, but without a powerful desktop PDF tool, you might have to re-create this document from scratch in Microsoft Word.


Not anymore. With VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter Desktop software, converting static PDFs into editable Microsoft Word documents is fast and easy. Stop re-typing documents and get back to what’s really important—your work.

Convert PDFs to Word in seconds flat
Convert a PDF to Word in a couple of clicks, so you can start editing right away and increase your personal productivity.

Convert images to searchable PDF (with PDF to Word OCR Converter)
Take advantage of powerful OCR to convert images to true searchable content, not pictures without valuable information associated with them.

Never retype another document
Easily covert PDFs back into any formats. PDF to Word Converter faithfully reproduces complex layouts, even with columns, tables and graphics.

Convert from the place that works for you
Whether you want to convert from within PDF to Word Converter or the Windows program menu, our conversion options have you covered.

How to convert PDFs to Microsoft Word?

1. Open a PDF document in PDF to Word Converter.
2. Click on the File menu.
3. Choose "Save As" on the left hand side of the screen.
4. Choose a save-as location, on your local computer, cloud storage or shared network document storage.
5. Click on the "Save as type" option under the file name and choose "Word Document."

Your document will be converted automatically. In seconds, the document will open in Microsoft Word, and you can start editing right away.

Even better, PDF to Word Converter not only captures the text but it also retains the exact format, giving you a fully functional document.