【I want to Work】VeryPDF Custom Development Solutions

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【I want to Work】VeryPDF Custom Development Solutions

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VeryPDF Custom Development Solutions

VeryPDF provides specific developments on a contract basis. VeryPDF has 20+ years of technical experience in software development, VeryPDF’s main areas of expertise are:

* C/C++, MFC, Windows API, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, PHP, Javascript, C#, .NET, HTML5, etc. based utilities
* Windows Virtual Printer Driver Technologies, able to create PDF, EMF, Image Printer Drivers
* Printer Job Capturer, Printer Monitor, able to intercept and capture print jobs from all Windows Printers and save them to PDF, EMF, PCL, Postscript, TIFF, JPG, etc. formats
* System Wide Hook Layer, Hook All Windows APIs, All Printers and All Network Relevant APIs
* Application Hook Layer, Hook All Windows APIs which used by an application, include File Access APIs, etc.
* PDF, PCL, PRN, Postscript, EPS, Office, etc. formats analysis and process technologies
* Barcode recognition and generation technologies
* Layout Analysis, OCR, OCR Table Recognition technologies for scanned TIFF and PDF documents
* Report and document form generators
* Graphical/Image conversion and process tools
* HTML, PDF, PCL, Postscript (PS, EPS), Office Document Formats, EMF, WMF, Flash SWF, XPS, DWG, DXF, EPUB, CHM, etc. formats relevant tools
* Scanner, Image despeckling and skew-correction tools
* Image and Document management tools
* Cloud Based Document Conversion, Document Viewer, Document Signature, etc. tools
* PDF Security, Digital Signature and DRM Protection technologies
* TrueType Font technology
* Office and PDF Document Printing technology
* ……
* ……

If you would like to obtain an estimate for the cost of a project on a contract basis, please Submit a ticket to us or write an Email to us, By providing us with a concise description of what you need to achieve, a representative will be able to contact you to discuss your project in more detail.

Please submit a ticket at: http://support.verypdf.com/
Email: support@verypdf.com

Any information you submit to us by email or by any other mean will of course be kept strictly confidential, project submission form including:

Name :
Company :
E-mail address :
Phone :
Project start date :
Project due date :
Project description :

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