Use QR Code Menu for Restaurants to serve customers faster

VeryUtils QR code menu is the perfect tool to save time, money and generate more revenue. By scanning your QR code, customers will be able to access your menu and order directly from their mobile phones.


What's a QR code menu?
A QR code menu is a barcode that contains information of a restaurant menu. With a click of a mobile phone's camera, customers instantly access your digital menu online, customers can also place orders and pay from their mobile phones easily.

A QR Code menu is the digital version of a paper or card restaurant menu that you find in restaurants. Patrons can view a restaurant's QR Code menu by scanning dynamic QR codes with the camera on their smartphone. Before COVID, QR code menus were gaining traction very slowly. Pre COVID, restaurants used them for the following reasons:

  • Restaurant owners saved on printing costs.
  • Restaurants could include pictures of food (which increases average order size).
  • Restaurants could easily link to their restaurant menu on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Table ordering with QR codes
Speed: Customers don't need to ask for your menu or wait for the waiter to put in orders.
Convenience: By scanning the QR code, customers can see your digital menu and place an order via their phones without downloading any app.
Savings: You no longer have to print updated hard copies of your menus – your menu is online.
Pure Web App: Pure Web application, No app to download or equipment to install.

VeryUtils QR Code Menu solutions:
VeryUtils offers complete solutions to create contactless menus that are accessible via QR codes. A QR code menu offers benefits for your restaurant, staff, and guests:

  • Easily accessible QR code menu for restaurant visitors and managers.
  • Real-time adjustments for offers and pricing without replacing the codes.
  • Reduce the distances covered by your staff.
  • Create a contactless restaurant experience.
  • Seamless integration with Oracle Hospitality products.
  • 24/7 support in over 75 countries.


QR Codes can be scanned by phones
Barcodes have to be scanned by specialized barcode readers. What makes QR Codes really useful is that they can be scanned really quickly by anyone using a smartphone.

Types of contactless QR Code menus
Not all QR menus are created equal, there are 2 types of QR Code menus, PDF QR Code menus and digital QR Code menus.

Digital vs PDF QR Code menus

  • PDF QR Code menus display a static PDF of a menu when the QR Code is scanned. This type of QR code menu has many disadvantages.
  • Digital restaurant menus display your menu as an interactive website. QR Digital Menu offers full interactive functions.

You can create one or more QR codes for each restaurant. It contains the menu that you have created in the restaurant portal. The code stays the same regardless of how often you change the menu. You also have the option of customizing the QR code with your logo or your preferred colors.

  • QR-Code always stays the same.
  • Customizable Design (Color / Logo).
  • Stickers & Table displays for your restaurant.

You can make your QR Code Digital Menu today,

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